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  This needs more attention

Social Distancing and the increased numbers with seasonal people coming up here: During this uncertain time, it is difficult for everyone. I do want to point out that I do live in Walworth and went to both Lake Geneva & Delavan on Saturday to get groceries from Walmart. To my astonishment, people were out in droves like they were Christmas shopping and one of the most crowded parking lots was Lowe’s & Home Depot. Walmart was also packed. Lake Geneva, Delavan and all of the surrounding towns are in danger of becoming a Hot Spot for the coronavirus with the influx of Chicago people coming up to stay in their lake homes and from people thinking that this is a time for home projects and overloading the stores, or shopping to get out and reduce boredom from being at home.

What needs to be done here to help to flatten the curve before this area becomes a hot spot? Our store workers are put at greater risk as well as people just needing to stock up on food when people are unnecessarily going out. I’m sure that our small hospitals are not equipped to care for the extended population with the added seasonal folks seeking refuge up here, so as a plea for the safety and adequate care if needed to the residents of our lake communities, can there be anything done about the unnecessary crowding in our areas? On March 27th the USA had 85,724 cases and 1,275 deaths By March 30th USA has 141,985 cases and 2,486 deaths

Sincerely – a Very concerned citizen! Judith, self-described concerned citizen

Why is “Shelter in Home” so difficult, when weekends and time off work is what we normally look forward to?

All conscious life has a fear of chaos and has a need for a sense of confidence and trust in their surroundings. To have this, one needs to also have a basic structure for their life, which includes an organized routine of things to do to assure one’s needs and wants. That organized routine gives one a sense of security and confidence for the day and for tomorrow’s that will follow. The Coronavirus, compounded with the government’s response to the Coronavirus,  like an earthquake,   shook the foundations and disrupted the basic structure of our way of life with the force of magnitude 10 earthquake. We as a nation took drastic actions to save many lives and we as individuals took actions to secure needed supplies and to take protect ourselves. Now, we stay in our safe shelter, venturing out when necessary and waiting with uncertainty for the recovery to start and to rebuild what was destroyed to fight an invisible virus.

As the western world economically rebuilds, the question is “Has the world learned from history or is Covid-19 just a step in the process of repeating it?”.

The answer to that question will be in the recovery and how we (nations, companies, and individuals) work together or if nations, companies, and individuals take or try to take advantage of the situation and of others. Until the future unfolds, we won’t know for sure but feel optimistic about the future and you will feel better and that makes others around you feel better and that makes facing an uncertain time a little bit better. 

Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva Resident and former Lake Geneva Alderperson

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