Letters to the Editor

Does the end justify the means? The answer is “No”.

The means must justify themselves to a just end. There are two kinds of people who do good things. There are the ones who do good deeds because they personally benefit from doing good deeds, and those who do good deeds, who may or may not benefit from the good deeds that they do, but they do them for the benefit of others. Who gets the public credit, Santa who gives out the gifts or the Elves that make it possible? It is the visible portion that gets the credit when those who make it possible often do not. Those in government get credit for what they do, but no one thanks those who pay their taxes even though they are the ones that make it all possible. It takes both those who do the work (visible or not) and those who fund the work (visible or not) and both should share in the credit for the work that is done.

The only place where that is publicly done is in the list of credits, like at the end of a movie and even there some are not listed and some who get credit that others deserve. One can appreciate the fruit, but remember the tree, the branches, the leaves, the soil, the water, the sunlight and “what all” that made the fruit possible. For unless one sees and appreciates the whole picture, we are like the blind men and the elephant who see only one part and think we understand the elephant, but we do not.

Terry O’Neill, former Lake Geneva Alderperson


Please keep my name confidential. I do not want to be singled out. But the city is contemplating stripping the public of the right to walk on the piers at the west end unless you pay to get on it. This is public space, and this has to stop. How are they doing all this now? I think there is major corruption in town and someone needs to put an end to this. I was at the meeting and said nothing out of fear. But this room full of people were actually suggesting gating it off; bigger sign; and even putting a locking system on there for Boaters only. They also flat out told the boat owners to call the police every time someone is doing something they don’t like. It’s crazy, these people have no right to take over these slips. If they don’t like to share then they should go somewhere else but these 20-30 people should never get to limit that space for an entire village.

This should be a referendum issue and be brought to a vote. Not just the few that show up to a meeting.

Anonymous resident & frequent beachgoer with her little black dog and red-handled cane.


We read with interest from our dual residences in Fairhope Alabama and Lake Geneva Wisconsin that the GSR Report has now expanded to Delavan and Elkhorn. The expansion may be more than the GSR is aware of. We have been providing copies of this great periodical to the eastern shore communities; and the Fairhope and Daphne chambers of commerce. They wonder at how many exciting, truthful and factual community concerns, plus photos of people and businesses doing the right thing, cartoons, crossword, puzzles, recipes, and all in a small magazine format.

The editor must have a CIA background to continually uncover so much information missed by the other local newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune! The usually timely editorial and ongoing chapters of the editor and author James Strauss’s are anxiously awaited each week.

Tom Kincaid, Fairhope, AL and Lake Geneva resident


Dear GSR Team

Baker House has a new Owner!

All info is in our latest Facebook post at Baker House. I wanted you to be one of the first to know. Please contact Robert@Bakerhouse1885.com for any info; otherwise, please contact Sophia or me for anything relating to Maxwell Mansion.

Andrew Fritz, Lake Geneva Resident

(Andrew Fritz wrote “cheers” to the community)

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