It was a happy Easter. Yes, this celebration of the rising up of the Savior was, and remains, worth giving some time, thought and action to. Smile. Nod your head at people going by that you don’t even know. You don’t have to be a Christian to take advantage of positive thinking and hope for the future. You don’t have to believe. You can hope to believe, or hope for a better future, or even give thanks for good stuff happening to you that you might not feel you have had anything to do with. Oh yes, there is mere fortune to consider. Good stuff can have as little to do with your actual participation, as bad stuff occurring. Life happens to all of us out here.

Let it happen to you today. Celebrate what you feel might be yours or, what the heck, celebrate because we don’t get to celebrate on this planet all that much. This rolling ball is a tough place to make it on. Fear and loathing are just around every corner, and when not, which is mostly, it feels like it is around just about every corner we are approaching. Push the fear back. Color an egg with some other person, or the family, or whomever. It might seem meaningless to you, but it might just prove to be extremely meaningful to those around you, and that meaning comes rushing right back at you. This planet is an integrated rolling ball of tightly bound cultures. You have a place on that ball, in one of those cultures, like a single little rubber band in the ball of rubber bands you might keep on your desk. You, holding your single strand, is keeping the whole ball together. Otherwise, the whole thing becomes broken and out of whack. These holidays of good will are meant to be all about your holding it all together by reminding you, and all of us, that there is so much good to life itself, and so much good in the other people around us. Push that fear you, and all of us, have to the tiniest back corner of your active Sunday morning brain. Straighten your shoulders, put a neat knowing smile on your face, and come and go with the rest of us trying our hearts out with you.

We are all in this together. It is the tribal nature and social coordination of mankind acting in groups and together that has allowed the species to totally dominate the planet, travel to another planetary body and contemplate having a place among the distant stars. It is invention of heart and soul, not just the creation of science and advanced technology that sets humanity apart from all other known animals, and in fact, all known matter.

Think about the gift of the world around, the gift of being on the planet and accompanied by so many other humans. Think to look up and appreciate. Once, many years ago in Africa, the publisher of this article was visiting a torn, battered and run-down African village. He’d come upon a kid earlier who had exhibited great, but totally untrained talent, as an artist. The publisher, at that time, was able to sponsor the talented kid to an art school, and then get him there. At the drop off the kid stopped, turned, and smiled a huge smile. “You have made my heart soar like a butterfly,” he said across the short distance. What became of the artist-boy is not known to the publisher to this day, but the ‘heart soaring like a butterfly’ will never leave him. Learned here, along with what else is written in this article, might be considered and help you in the same way.

Make someone’s heart soar like a butterfly…and then let that butterfly take your heart with it.
~James Strauss

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