Dear Editor, -                                                    August 10, 2021 –   Donald J Trump deserves credit for changing America!  Six years ago if a presidential candidate was recorded saying he liked to grab women by their private parts, he would have immediately become a non-candidate.  Six years ago anyone who made fun of people with disabilities was considered despicable. Six years ago, men like John McCain were considered heroes by virtually all Americans, except draft dodgers and avowed communists. Six years ago if any American leader said they trusted the words of a dictator over those of our own intelligence department, they would have been ousted. Six years ago Americans never labeled news from serious journalistic organizations as fake just because they didn’t like it. Educated people respected the expertise and objectivity of professionals while acknowledging that there could be bad apples in some baskets.   Most people would have discouraged throwing away entire baskets without exhaustive research from knowledgeable sources. Six years ago if a politician had publicly announced dozens of times that he would release his tax returns as soon as possible, he would have lost all credibility if he spent many years and millions preventing their release. Six years ago politicians respected colleagues in their own party. No honorable person would ever blatantly threaten anyone.  No president ever ostracized those that didn’t walk lock-step in line with them. “Primarying someone” to discourage dissent wasn’t a thing and no entire political party had ever cowered in fear. Six years ago if 99 percent of our bipartisan polling places and the president’s own Attorney General and his top election cyber-security guy ALL said he lost the election he would have given a concession speech – not an attempted coup.   

Mark VanLaeys  

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