The Inslaw PROMIS software, installed by federal prosecutors, the NSA, and CIA, as a backdoor into all online computers in the late seventies, lives on. The PROMIS data is embedded so deeply in all computer operations systems that the only way to get rid of it would be to take the Internet down and start again.

Not going to happen.

That means that the feds, certain rulers of them, can access anything on any computer at any time. They can trace all emails, URLs, and communications between computers any time they feel like it. Given the truth of this, and I worked with it for years back in the day, why do people get to act anonymously all over the Internet? Why do users holding up others for ransom get away with it and stay hidden? In this last power grid incident, the CIA got the Bitcoin money back, but you will note that no names were released as to whom the perpetrators were. Anonymous Russian hackers. Right.

Information is not released about sources of anonymity because that would reveal PROMIS for what it is, and then that would reduce the power of those controlling the world using it to be cast back to the powerless people they once were. PROMIS yields exactly what the result of the Allies in WWII breaking the German code machine cryptography yielded. The Allies had to be very careful in using what they got because if the German’s knew the code was broken, they wouldn’t use it anymore. That was rational and understandable…unless you were a soldier or Marine about to die because your unit was denied the life-saving data. PROMIS cannot be used for what it was designed to do because then it would be revealed…not to criminal elements but to the current crop of ‘owners’ using it. National Security has little to do with this new possession of secret data. It has to do with individuals who’ve enriched themselves to levels never before seen or imagined on earth. They can take money from banks with impunity and leave no trace, or from companies and individuals.

They did so with Noriega, Marcos and so many more. Money in billions taken from these crooks and then deposited where? Nobody knows except the operators and controllers of PROMIS. Inslaw, the company that invented the program (Bill Hamilton, specifically) has railed against its theft by the U.S. and its crooked use. PROMIS was invented to go after international criminals but was quickly turned into the greatest people controller and enrichment vehicle of all time…and the most amazing thing? Almost nobody knows. Those that don’t won’t believe.  Recently, Apple has indicated that it is developing software to reveal who is putting up, or accessing data related to child pornography or abuse.  What is the danger in what Apple is doing?  It’s not about catching child pornographers or other violators of social laws dealing with children. In actuality, it is about dealing with all of us who have any kind of exposure on the Internet.

What’s next?  I mean after they go after the child pornography offenders?  At what point is the same software used to pursue the opponents of whoever is currently in power, and like with automatic license plate readers that were put out on the streets to make sure people registered their cars, the usage got turned into trying to bust the very smallest of criminals.  That is always where these supposedly righteous and totally justified programs begin, in a state of righteous innocence.  What happens down the line is a different story altogether.  In this day and age, it is absolutely required that we all stick together.  How is it that possible when there are so many people who have to be opposed by that kind of deceptive conduct?  I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone else has the correct answer to that question, either.

It is a natural tendency of government, as well as individuals, to offer up the ‘truth’ about the conduct of other people, but not themselves.  A back door into all of our lives sounds like a good idea if not given considerable thought to that conclusion.  The government back door becomes used to check out the truth, balances, or whatever of other people, certainly not the people doing the checking.  Power then shifts to those people. PROMIS is a scourge upon the population of every country in the world and it needs to be first fully revealed and then expunged from every computer system.


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