Letter to the Editor

I love my right to “free speech” and I hate “hate speech.” Although according to the Supreme Court, both are protected under the Constitution, I strongly oppose hate speech or maliciously written language that crosses the line of legal speech to pose a threat and to provoke physical violence or bodily damage whether it be against women, LGBT, ethnicity, or religion. The Crazy White Boys hick-rap group straddles that line, because they are the favorite band of the White Supremacists, who are rampant racists, anti-Semites and admittedly predisposed to violence, yet the members of the rap group claim they are not White Supremacists, but use coded language as a way to continue performing while at the same time promoting white nationalist, sexist and homophobic views into the mainstream culture.

Appealing to peoples’ prejudices and racial anxieties to gain popularity or to win elected office is a tactic of long-standing here in the U. S. It’s the strategy of the incompetent and those willing to reach into the bottom of the bag to win at any cost, but until recently done with pretense and deception and claims of being misunderstood. Now, in this new age, bigotry, racism, and religious intolerance have snowballed because our nation, generation by generation, has become more tolerant and accepting of racial and cultural diversity. Unfortunately, those having to resort to more explicit and extreme rhetoric only succeed in lighting-up the lizard brain of those unable to adjust to this change due to a lack of mental flexibility, emotional control, or logical reasoning.

When President Bush declared war on terrorism after 9/11 and included going to war against every government that supports terrorists, he wasn’t expecting that the some of the greatest acts of terrorism to be committed in this country would be perpetrated by American White Supremacists; and he certainly never contemplated that these terrorists would have the tacit approval and be inspired by the President of the United States. But, unfortunately, that is the current state of affairs threatening this country today, and the particular challenge it faces in the town of Linn with Saturday’s 8/24 Rap Concert at the Zenda Tap. The Town’s strategy is to hold its breath and cross its fingers, hoping the concert will be just a fun event—no shooting and no violence …Please, God!

Dick Malmin, Lake Geneva Activist

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