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The West End Pier complex:
The west end pier has been the subject of multiple concerns all summer. Those who rent slips at this pier have voiced concerns over vandalism, loitering, swimming, and have repeatedly demanded action be taken to stop these activities. The issue was on the agenda for the last Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront Committee meeting. There were a handful of comments from the public regarding the seeming lack of results. The committee was therefore pleased to have some answers for the public this week. There is finally a formal ordinance that the police can now enforce and they are empowered to ticket anyone caught misusing the pier. There will also be signs placed clearly stating the rules of the area, and if issues continue the next step would be the installation of surveillance cameras.


Popeye’s could be undergoing some big changes and construction to the outside of the building in the near future.
At the plan commission meeting Monday night they were approved to create more outdoor dining space by tearing down the rotisserie hut and building a new hut further back on the lot. The hut will be updated and made fireproof and more open so you can better see and smell the food as its cooking. They will then create a new outdoor terrace, patio and service window to allow for more seating and a larger area for patrons to wait for their table. The new service area will allow the staff to better serve the customers and they will be able to accommodate them faster by having everything right there by the patio rather than having to go through the restaurant to get drinks or anything else. This will also allow for an additional handicap entrance so it seems the improvements will be a better way to improve the customer experience.


Brick and Mortar was back on the plan commission agenda Monday night, but with much enthusiasm and excitement.
The committee and public are thrilled with Thomas and Kathy’s plan to add a coffee shop on the porch of their building. Instead of razing or moving the house they are making some positive changes and additions and embracing what the people and city wanted. They were approved at an earlier meeting to build a wrap-around porch around the building to help improve the look of the outside while also adding the extra space they need. They plan on opening the coffee shop at 7 a.m. for those on their way to work and if their dream works they will offer coffee and dessert from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. for those out enjoying the city and looking for a place to relax at the end of the day. The Georges will not offer music or entertainment since they are in a residential area and want to keep things low key. They have the support of the city and the people, so hopefully, their dream comes true.

Brick and Morter to Remodel

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