OPEN LETTER TO: Scott Williams Editor: Lake Geneva Regional News  Date: Feb. 23, 2020-

On Feb. 22, I became aware that the Lake Geneva Regional News is holding a candidate forum on March 19th. Although all of the other nine candidates were informed of the date, time and a description of the candidate forum from your emails to them a month earlier on January 16, and a repeat notice on Jan. 28 with a follow-up notice on February 14th; I was not included in any of those forum notification emails and therefore I was unaware of the forum or its date.

I assume that it was an inadvertent mistake that I had been not been included in any of your notifications sent to all the other candidates. For documentation, I have included a copy of the Feb. 14th email which was forwarded to me on Feb. 22, 2020, which clearly lists the other email dates and all the emails of candidates except mine for those 3 dates. Mine is [tjoneill@wi.rr.com] which I believe I had supplied during my interview with the Lake Geneva Regional News.  The part that is most disturbing is that in not knowing the date of the debate in advance, three days ago I made an out of state commitment in Michigan for the March 18 & 19 so it is unlikely that I will be able to attend. 

Terry O’Neill, fourth district alderperson candidate

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