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MSI Engineering and Riviera Renovation
The company is waiting on an official response from SHIPO (State Historic Preservation Officer). It submitted information and details on what has been done, including financials, the lengths that the city has gone to, and will continue to, as the project moves forward. The hopes are that, when SHIPO reviews everything, it will see how committed the city is to the Riviera and keeping it on the historic registry. The Riviera currently has very small windows on the first floor and most of the piers, harbor, and lakefront committee members would like to see that changed to much larger windows, with the goal of creating a more open, bright, inviting first floor. Alderperson Doug Skates chairs the committee.  He and Alderperson Cindy Flower seem to be the biggest advocates for the change to bigger windows.

This has created some dissension in members of the public since Skates will not be running in the spring election.  His future in city politics and decisions is unknown, and Alderperson Flower isn’t an official member of the piers, harbor, and lakefront committee, but has been allowed to sit in for quite some time. While the window issue is still being decided, the work on the roof is well underway. The concrete tiles have been removed from most of the west and north sides of the roof. Initially, the expectation of the damage that would be found was far greater than what it is actually being found to be. Also, the upper window sills have proven to be in need of less repair. This is good news and will save time and money on the project.  Thank you, MSI, the general contractor.


Denay Coco Bay is leaving.
Denise, the owner of this wonderful place worked very hard to get things up and running while creating a little piece of paradise right in downtown Lake Geneva. The salon was all about relaxing and pampering. Denise, her crew and the shop, will be very sorely missed. This sudden decision to leave was made about two weeks ago and the final day will be on March 1st. With less than a week before Denay Coco Bay closes its doors everything from furniture, fixtures, and merchandise is fifty percent off and all of it must go.  Many of the “regulars” in Lake Geneva will miss Denise and her wonderful shop.

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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva


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