Letters to the Editor

With the United States being divided over the reactions to the Coronavirus and social issues, it is time for us to use the purpose of life to overcome our differences. To explain: My wife enjoys the beauty of flowers, their fragrance, and the sounds of birds chirping; whereas, I am awed by the complexities of nature that make it all possible. It is important to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and their fragrance because that is why they were made. The awe of the complexities is to appreciate the work, effort, and the designing that went into making the flowers, fragrances, the elements, the world the stars, the universe, and the life that is in it. But whether one enjoys what was done or how it was done, one should appreciate and be truly thankful to be a living part of it. Whether it is a child picking a dandelion to give to his mother, a man putting a ring on his bride or Jesus dying on the cross, it is all about life and Love and God wishing to share life and love with us and for us to share that life and love with others. That is the purpose of life and the path that we need to follow to find solutions to the problems that currently divide us. 

Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva Resident, and former city alderperson

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