Letters to the Editor

Correspondence submitted in response to an online video about big trucks downtown run by members of the GSR staff on July 11, 2016

When I worked in Lake Geneva for our area septic pumping company the last thing I wanted to do was Park my damn truck on a street but sometimes you have to have people need to just get over it. The other thing I didn’t like is how a lot of people are so freaking inconsiderate of you trying to do your damn job. Joseph Llewellyn, local resident

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This is pointless an a waste of a video…large parking lot in the rear? I would love to see how you think that tractor trailer is going to make it back there? An how is this tractor trailer endangering anyone? You’re the one who went an stood in the middle of the street to record something so idiotic an now its endangering lives? James Aehrens, local resident


This is the same paper that was commenting on how stupid and careless all the motorcycle riders were as they saw all the bikes in front of Speedo’s and criticizing the lack of helmets. Find the good things about the city instead of complaning. And buy the way, it IS July, but school is out. You make it sound like the bus was full of kids in danger. Highly doubt it. Gary Lempel, local resident


Thanks for the heads up James but I don’t even know why I even like this page the only good thing they have reported about were about the walleyes and that’s it its pointless to say anything it really is because I’m sure they will kick me off before I can unlike the page myself they can have a opinion on stuff like a guy doing his job but we can’t pathetic Dan Fish


Just a damn liberal with no concept of reality. You right he played to school kids card to make it sound worse. Wonder what he would say if he had to leave town to go food shopping. These business pay a premium for there location, they also need there stock delevery drivers need to do what they can to help out but we can’t put the trucks in places that are out of the way all the time. Pat Mcdonough


Want to talk about safe???? Yesterday I was on 120 past Walmart heading southbound when I yielded to a pedestrian with 2 children. One child was handicapped. I stopped allowing her to cross just like all the other traffic. Behind me was an obnoxious driver in a small ‘Zipper’ car honking out of irritation. When the woman with children safely crossed i proceeded south when this black car (with a large spolier on rear and California plated) decided pass me on the right then cross over all lanes to take North Bloomfield road. As they turned cutting me off they fired their full super fast food sized soft drink at my car taking off at insane speeds. I was able to call them in on my Bluetooth. I can tell you there was 3 male occupants mid twenties insude that car. This was a hit and run road rage crime that they got away with….so maybe we need a little focus on this kind of news V.S the poor planning of local buisness with delivery of goods. Robin Szymkowski, local resident

Thanks again for the interest shown by our loyal readers.

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