Letter to the Editor

The Following  letter came to our office and then the news of the passing of this strong supporter of the History of Lake Geneva and the surrounding area.

Edward T. Yaeger, 90, died July 23, 2017 peacefully at home in Lake Geneva, WI surrounded by his family. He was born in Chicago IL, May 2, 1927 to Clarence and Lillian Yaeger (nee) Gura. Ed was a graduate of Elgin High School, Elgin IL, class of 1945 and completed college coursework in engineering. After serving in the Coast Guard he was employed for at Elgin Water Softener Co. as a tool maker, foreman, and engineer. Ed also worked as an equipment designer in the inventing of new tools.  Ed was one of those very rare ‘renaissance men,” in that he was a mechanical genius at so many things. Ed’s public service to Lake Geneva included two years as council president, and two terms as Alderman for District #3. He was on a major figure on seven commissions and six committees through the years. Ed was ardent in preserving the local history of the railroad that helped form for the character of Lake Geneva. He worked tirelessly so generations that come may someday enjoy the Sage Street Steam Engine Service Site as a historic setting, with the motto “Save Our City”.  Edward is survived by his brother Robert Yaeger, Mesa, AZ, wife Nancy Yaeger, daughters Valeri Park, Dr. Eileen Yaeger and grandson Sabastian Yaeger.  The entire staff of the Geneva Shore Report came to find that he was this wonderful brilliant man who would stop by just to say hello and brighten everyone’s day with his amazing smile and terrific personality.


Letter to the Editor It is time again for the City of Lake Geneva to remember its history. The character of our city of has been formed by its history. The railroad was a large part of Lake Geneva’s history, and why it is what it is today. The railroad built this town. It is requested that the mayor approve clean-up of the 1871 Sage St. Steam Engine Service Site. It should include detailing the *50- foot gallow type turntable *two- stall engine house with former track connections It should also *extend to the 1908 concrete arch bridge *locate the former mainline water tower and section building

This will satisfy the historic listing of what the coming of the railroad brought to Lake Geneva, and why it is considered the second major item contributing to the growth and development of our fair city. The first major item was beautiful Geneva Lake itself. We do hope that the promise to clean up the Sage St. Steam Engine Service Site will be kept.

Thank you. Save Our City

Ed Yaeger, local Lake Geneva resident and former alderperson – stall engine house with former track connections

P.S. This correspondence is authored by Save Our City friends, and all those who are sick and tired of inattention to the history of our fair city. Mr. Mayor, you are listed as CEO and it is your responsibility to either accept this initiative, or accept the consequences of your lack of action to this item at this time. There is reason to believe that if the present course is maintained that there are dire consequences involved for you and for possibly for key executives. This is your call to action. You can be a hero or you can be a zero. It is your choice. Godspeed. God save historic Lake Geneva.  


RIP Ed Yaeger

Ed Yeager Lake Geneva

Ed Yaeger being old while being every bit the youngster he was for all of his life. He died at 90, and after having his picture taken next to one of his go karts he got in it and drove it around his garage. That was last summer. What a wonderful man and example of a man.


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