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What effect did doubling the Lake Geneva downtown parking rates have?
Did it increase revenue?
Did it decrease the hours of paid parking in the downtown area?
The answer to both of these questions is “yes”.
The city made an extra $32,000 and it decreased downtown parking by 3% over the same 18-day period last year. A 3% reduction in parking may not seem like a lot, but considering that, visitors did not know that the rate had again been doubled until after they had travelled (typically 90 miles) to get here, and already parked their cars, not many would go back to those cars and leave simply because they didn’t want to pay the increased fees. However, this second doubling of the parking rates in less than four years will likely have a greater impact in the following years, as more tourists encounter the redoubled increase, and as word about the increases spreads. It is important for the city council to remember that pleasing the visitor is a vitally important part of how the City of Lake Geneva markets itself to attract and hold onto the tourist trade, not just for city revenue growth, but for local business’s financial health, as well. Without a whole lot of good will, Lake Geneva’s visiting ‘customers’ will not return. Does this second doubling of the parking rate and consequently the issuing of doubled fine parking tickets add to the tourist’s enjoyment of the place, and increase the chances of their returning to the City of Lake Geneva? The answer to that question is difficult to measure unless measuring results later on when it may be too late to modify those programs that alienate the visiting public.


A bridge over troubled water:
Sunday evening a highly intoxicated adult male was walking over the bridge that arches over the White River by the Lake Geneva Utility Company building, when he decided to relieve himself in the bushes near the embankment side of the structure. He fell down the river bank, and then hit a bee’s nest on the way down. He was stung many, many times, so much so that when the police responded they couldn’t figure out if he had overdosed, or what substances he might have taken because of the effects of the bee stings. Flight for Life had to be called because the police and fire departments of Lake Geneva could not make sense of what he was trying to say, so they had to consider the possibility that he had some sort of serious head injury. The moral of this story has to do with using public bathrooms, avoiding swollen river banks and respecting bee hives of all kinds.

White River Bridge Lake Geneva

The edge of the wall where the Lake Geneva guy went over because he had to go and the bees below didn’t like that!


Denay Cocoa Bay.
This new spa will be opening a few doors up from Mia Faccia Spa on Broad Street. They will be doing manicures, pedicures, makeup, makeup lessons, bridal makeup, plus offering related gifts. Mia Faccia is a pretty classy place, so Denay Cocoa Bay has its work cut out for it to compete. You can go in and get a French Shellac Manicure. The publisher of the GSR has no clue as to what this is, but his imagination, before opening and checking it out, are running wild. A French manicure is a style of manicure where they do multiple colors on the nail. The ‘shellac’ thing is a new type of clear coating put on nails making them strong enough to remove or install track pads on an M-1 Abrams main battle tank. The female staff of the GSR, in its entirety, disagrees with everything written in this short article about manicures. Denay Cocoa Bay is going to be another class act on Broad Street, so get in and get bullet-proofed, or at least get better looking.

Denay Cocoa Bay Opening Soon

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