Letters To The Editor

Excellent front page last week. Exactly what we’ve been saying.

1. Who hired this Roger Rabbit guy? 2. What was the purpose? 3.  What was the study for? 4. Council just can’t wait to spend money. 5. Lake Geneva is like a coffee cup. There’s only so much you can pour into it! 6. Instead of ripping up Wrigley Dr. for a “Plaza,” and thinking up other stupid silly ideas why don’t they lower our taxes? 7. I’m sure there will be other questions when my neighbors read your article. 8. Why is the city council acting like lemmings hanging on every syllable as if it were manna from heaven?

This was NOT God speaking! Get some common sense. We do NOT need Wrigley Drive pulled up for more tables. We do NOT need the library torn down to put up a hotel. We do NOT need the Riviera torn down for an amphitheater. We do NOT need ‘events’ every day. It is illegal for a business to make money in public parks or land. And yet now after Roger Rabbit spoke that is exactly what they have purposed and are pushing. Talk about flim-flan the music man. He’s right here in our city. People have come to Lake Geneva for years upon years for the quiet peaceful soul healing feeling one gets by walking the lake path or beaches or just laying down in the park to observe God’s universe. We do NOT need someone deciding for businesses can or can not show their colors.

One particular family comes here at least twice a year from Minnesota. This year they commented Lake Geneva has become a ‘tourist trap’ just like the Dells. I replied, “What an awful comment about our city!” But I sadly realized they are correct. Mr. Tim Dunn is the only person on our city council (including the mayor) who has lived here more than fifteen minutes. The others on the council want to commercialize our whole small town into something other than a small quaint town. All for the love of money.

I am going to repeat myself here. If they (our city council) has that much money to spend….then lower our taxes!

Ruth Hackman, the Kite Lady, Lake Geneva Resident, and store owner  

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