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The Lake Geneva Boat Launch and Municipal Pier on Wrigley Drive gets very busy during the summer as many people choose this area to launch their boats.
This is also a very heavily traveled area for vehicles maneuvering around Lake Geneva, and of course, many pedestrians walk near there every day. This is why the question has been asked many times why a new area has not been chosen? The city could create a safer, more open area for all to enjoy, by moving the boat launch to a less trafficked spot. Many seem to be in agreement with this thought, including the city and the state. During the BID meeting, however, the members and the city administrator all became quiet and looked perplexed when the question was raised as to what needed to be done to make this happen?

Who needs to be asked and who has the authority to decide the fate of the boat launch? After a bit of brainstorming the conclusion was reached that the deciding group is truly Lake Geneva’s city government. If it’s that simple why has it not been brought up before at any of the city meetings? The question that was not asked, because it has no ready easy answer, is “where would the new boat ramp be put?”

Great question with no answer of any kind.


The plans for the Riviera Complex and the repairs that need to be done have been in the works for way too long.
The question of just what should be done, what changes are acceptable to all, how much money can be spent, and where is that money going to come from, are just some of the many questions that have not had clear answers. Finally, after a lot of talk, something is scheduled to happen. The Riviera will be closed between February and April 2020. What is going to be done is still undecided. The goals are to get the roof, windows, and bricks repaired or replaced. Next week there is a meeting planned for some brainstorming amongst a group of people that know the building well and have worked on the building to determine what are the most necessary needs and repairs. Also, there will be inspections to determine if there are any asbestos issues before the submitting of a proposal.

Downtown Parking

Downtown parking

No parking loading zone unless you are this guy and have a Lamborghini!


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