Letters to the Editor

I love your reports. Sorry to say that I live in Linn Township. However, I love downtown Lake Geneva. I walked around last Tuesday after going to the Tuesday @ 2. Yes, I paid the parking meter. I have a passport for the tour boats. I go every Weekend. My Weekend is Friday Saturday and Sunday. I would rather pay to have someone drive me to town and then back home when I am ready to go home. There is no benefit for me to pay for parking. I walk 10 miles a day when I work. I do not need the closest spot. BUT for this business to be so close to the lake, a prime area of the city. Reduce the parking stalls in the site of this store to a quarter an hour. Then maybe something will be done.

Cindy Zuehike, Town of Linn resident and lover of Lake Geneva


Letter sent to the Lake Geneva Regional News and copied to the GSR:

I truly understand how difficult it is to write a salient article, particularly when the writer is up against deadlines. Regarding your recent article on the mayoral race and its headline, “Mayoral race could be an insider-outsider contest”: 1. What is the Insider-Outsider connection between the headline and the content? Is it Dick Malmin’s residency in Linn, Hartz’ ownership of a Milwaukee-based restaurant (not mentioned) that Charlene has leadership but not governmental experience, or that Mayor Kupsik is now out of the race, 2. And when did opinion become fact? Your article features the opinions of Lynnelle Gramm, Dick Malmin, and Nick Vorpagel, all outstanding citizens. But, if we want opinions, let the readers go to the OpEd page or the local bar.

I think you could go further to give your readers some facts:

    • What happened to the organizations Klein and Hartz ran?
    • Are they successful or having financial problems? 
    • What experience do they have with utility commissions, human resources, and budgeting?
    • And then the opinions of the candidates with pointed questions requiring exacting answers and follow up questions if they shimmy.
    • What are their feelings related to widening Highway 50 and exactly how far would it extend?
    • Will they ignore our present zoning plan when developers want to change it?
    • What do they think about a Dunkin’ Donuts competing against our own homespun bakeries?
    • What will they do about developers trying to keyhole on the lake?
    • If they could have voted on giving a liquor license to an outside corporation or a local business, which way would they have gone?
    • What are their opinions about overnight rentals?
    • Will they encourage the building of more kayak racks?
    • How will they solve the road congestion during the summer?
    • And, my personal favorite, what will they do about preventing further decrease in the value of one-bedroom condominiums in the last seven years (due to overbuilding)?

Finally, exactly when is the candidate’s forum so that we can ask questions of our own? Lake Geneva has a $9.4 million budget this year. I think we all want to make certain that our mayor knows how to read a financial statement. I look to my local newspaper for helping me ferret out that information and not just an opinion of whether our candidates “care about the community.” If Klein and Hartz have declared their candidacies to serve as mayor, let’s assume they care and ask them the important questions.  Dennis, please help us get the right candidate IN and keep the wrong candidate OUT.

JOHaselhoef (Judy) Lake Geneva citizen

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