Letters to the Editor

This is the email I want to send Cavanaugh this morning, so please publish, if you would: “

Mr. Tim Cavanaugh (president of the Trinke Association): We have continued to do everything possible to find an alternative dewatering site for the collected slurry from the dredging of the Trinke lagoon. Last week I personally visited with Larry Larkin (past president of the Country Club), Grace Hanny, Jackie Getzen, the Williams Bay Board, the Linn Board of Supervisors and Jim Davis–who then talked to John Hagenah who had me send him the information prepared by the DNR and given to you and the Trinke Association on Feb. 16. The Linn Town Chairman, Jim Weiss, is also very concerned and anxious to have the problem resolved asap, so he said he would get in touch with Rob Moore and the other people he knows on the Board of the Country Club to encourage them to allow the dewatering operation in their brush, refuse and compost area. We received a Letter to the Editor last week but didn’t publish it because we knew you were working with the Country Club, but we will be obliged to include it this week. Of course, if you have given Ted Peters a firm site for the dewatering, we will so inform the writer and ask him to include only the portion of the letter dealing with the future dangers of Starry Stonewort.”

“FIRE!  HELP!  Call 911!  FIRE!  HELP!   FIRE! Beware this emergency in Trinke has the potential to become as fierce as any wildfire! So, sound the fire alarms and activate the distress signals so this threat can be extinguished immediately before it engulfs the whole lakes area. Warn the people in Trinke to stop objecting to the rigging and collaterals required to do the dredging project the right way. Tell them over at Trinke: ‘it’s time to bite the bullet and make the best of a bad situation.”

Dick Malmin   Town of Linn resident and Geneva Lake activist

A letter from Terry O’Neill

The methods to survival:

1.) The turtle method:
Keep quiet (mostly solitary)
Don’t stick your neck out (unless necessary)
Drawback into your shell for safety
Conserve energy, move slowly

2.)The Chameleon method
Adapt to your environment
Blend into your environment
Keep quiet
Keep still or move with the motion around
Only Dart quickly when required

3.)Make your foundation solid
Built on the love of God
Built on the love of your neighbor
Built on empathy
Built on a reverence for life
Built on an open mind
Built on science
Built on questioning
Built on listening

* Be thankful, respectful and humble

4.) “Compliance”, those in charge want your compliance. Your freedom is limited to and within meeting that compliance.
5.)  “Keep your thoughts to yourself”, as long as others do not know what you are thinking, you are free to think whatever thoughts you want.
6.)  “Keep a low profile” Don’t draw attention to yourself.
7.)  “Be pleasant and polite to others”
8.)  “Listen” People like you when you listen to them and it helps you learn.
9.)  “Assume” everything that you do could be monitored.
10.) If God had another name it would be “Love”.
Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident and former alderperson


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