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The Ice Castle comes down.
The owners of the ice castle had their employees take a backhoe to the whole castle complex. The fifteen to twenty-foot high structure was quickly reduced to a flat pancake pile about six feet high. That was done to crush all the tunnels and caves so that nobody could get inside the structure and then suffer injury (or worse) if the ice collapsed. Now there are no safety issues to consider, although the compressed pile of snowy ice remains under lock and key. The warming weather will have to take care of the rest of thawing. According to Jess, the onsite ice castle manager, everything should be melted by the end of April. Discussions about the removal of the pipes laid under the sand before the structure was built have not yet taken place.  The ice castle is purported to be returning to Lake Geneva next year, so that could figure in on discussions about pipe removal (they might leave the pipes for next year). There are rumors that the ice castle owners want to return to Lake Geneva but to a different spot. Nothing at all has been confirmed about such talk or discussions, however.

Ice Castle Demolition


Monday night’s Planning Commission Meeting once again discussed the Brick and Mortar building on the corner of Geneva Street and Cook Street.
The owners of Brick and Mortar are determined to do what is asked of them to get the result they need and want. The current building they are in is very outdated and they are hoping for the opportunity to build a 5,600 square foot commercial building to house their home furnishings store. In order for that to happen the current building must be removed, relocated or razed. Then the approval of the new construction needs to happen. This is the big question that has been the focus of many city meetings already. Was there a conclusion and/or solution at this meeting? Not that we have heard!

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