Letter to the Editor


As the former Chairman for the Town of Linn, I have witnessed many situations and conflicts in local politics. But I will say I have never seen such a display of lies, deception and false truths as are being spread to local residents this year. A small group of individuals is attempting to tarnish the reputation of our board members, Jim Weiss, and Tim Rasch. Criticism goes with being an elected official and helps to make our community better. But when criticism becomes lies and false truths this behavior needs to be stopped. Usually, when someone runs for an elected office, they have a platform of how they can better the community or do things differently to make positive changes. To date, this opposing group has not offered any insight into how they would improve the Township. All they have done is to make false accusations that the Township is not conducting annual audits and that over $8,000,000 of money is missing. They even took these absurd claims to the local District Attorney, State Senator Steve Nass, State Representative Tyler August and U.S. Senator Brian Steil                

In response to these false accusations, your Town Board held a special presentation at the last board meeting to address these accusations. The town attorney and CPA did a wonderful job explaining how the Township is meeting the statutory requirement for conducting annual audits and convincingly demonstrated that there is no money missing from the Township and that all money is accounted for. However, this small group of people still refuse to understand or accept the truth. I believe making false accusations of public officials comes with consequences.                  

In my opinion, the actions of this small group amount to nothing more than a political coup to unseat these board members through using social media to spread rumors and lies. These actions speak volumes to their limited character and lack of understanding of how municipal government operates. Do we really want people in office who do not understand what an audit is and how tax collection and disbursements actually work? This really concerns me.-The Township is in a great financial position and is operating efficiently. When I resigned as Chairman of the Town of Linn I believed Jim Weiss was the right choice to become the new Chairman and I still believe he is fully qualified to continue in this position. Jim is ethical, trustworthy, fiscally responsible and a proven leader. I fully support Tim Rasch and Jim Weiss and ask that you do so as well. The only way to stop this mockery is at the voting booth on April 2nd. Vote Weiss and Vote Rasch.

David Bollweg, Former Chairman, Town of Linn

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