The wall has sort of disappeared as a news issue over the past few days. Now, it’s all about the Mueller Report.

Again, there is no substantive discussion by the media or attempts by representatives of the people to open a discourse about how to repair and advance the infrastructure requirements of a nation that is rapidly going full electric in auto and truck production, while headed for automatic driving at full speed. The new highways and bridges (and more) need to be rebuilt to handle these monumental changes coming, but there is no talk or even conjecture. How about physics? How about space travel? How about high-speed trains? How about even old slow speed trains? What about robotics and jobs? What about the hugely draining military budget? There are minor asides talked about, like the defeat of ISIS in Syria when we, the U.S. was never really fully engaged with anybody in Syria.

Made up crap replaces substantive discussion and this dip-shit-lolly-pop- sucking mass media is more at fault than the rather dizzy president, and that pack of salivating jackals America calls its elected representatives. Rome burns. At least back then, in Roman times, they noticed the smoke and fire. Not here. Not in this ‘Rome’ of our own making. Everyone sits at home watching the television or the Internet and living off of sound bytes since full news stories have gone the way of books and novels. How can substance be brought back into our national perspective and dialogue? How can patient discussions based on real research results ever be considered again? Have we gone down a one-way escalator, descending ever further into a basement of basal intellectual neglect? How can we save ourselves…and how can the few of us who can actually see this destructive crap for what it somehow accommodates the results we are forced to live with and not go completely nuts?

Why is it that there are those things that cannot be allowed to enter the belief systems of any part of organized and advanced civilizations? The number of these “verboten, never to be discussed” subjects is greater than almost any citizen, not predisposed to world travel and tons of life experience, might believe. It cannot be believed that the current leader of the free world is mentally unstable and incompetent. It cannot be believed that the U.S. elections have been influenced illegally by both parties and outside nations for the last forty years. It cannot be believed that most of the nation’s worth is all tied up in a few family’s fortunes. It cannot be believed that most of the ten percent of wealthy Americans (the wealthiest) own offshore accounts wherein their identities or what they hold offshore is allowed to be known by anyone. The information about the identities of those people and organizations that bought airline stocks on September 10th, and gambled they would go down the next days and then cashed in cannot be published or known to the public. Why is it that the very worst of American conduct, murderous conduct at that, cannot be revealed if it is classified and it is the person who revealed the outrages goes to prison while the ones who did those acts do not even have their identities revealed? Why is almost all UFO information classified and held as top-secret, and to even bring the subject up in social discourse is to be ridiculed and considered mentally ill?

There is a small group of humans who control all other humans and they do that by making sure that most of humanity has no clue that they are running things or are even there. This is done by classification, secrecy and great punishments for anyone revealing these classified situations and secret agreements and deals. Many people were expecting a huge change from the results of the Mueller investigation. No such change is possible, however, because the Mueller investigation will be allowed to go anywhere at all.

The answer, for the maintenance and growth of good mental health, is to go local. Get involved locally around Geneva Lake. Take care of your own and those who live among and around you. Pay attention to local politics and get involved in that while ignoring the necessarily spectacular, but still depressing, mass media presentations about national leadership and politics. The people around you will be even more thrilled with your participation than you will be. It’s a wonderful lake with fantastic human beings living all around it. Get to know them and be among them.

~James Strauss


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