Letters to the Editor


Here’s what Kurt Jones wrote in to tell us about Badger’s football team:

“They never should have been eligible to play…they should have ended up with a 2-7 record (They were 7 games into the season when they got called on it) because they knowingly played a student/athlete that posted underage porn on the internet and the school administration knew about it back last spring, and yet still allowed him to play. The conference they play in has a contract that each of the players/parents must sign in order to participate that indicates that any illegal activity partaken in by a student athlete during that contract’s life are grounds for not being allowed to participate or represent that school the coming year.

Way to follow through on the contract Badger! They really Hillaried that whole thing!”


Accusations are not convictions when it comes to illegal conduct or activity. The young man in question was not legally charged or convicted. And Hillary had nothing to do with it.
Editor, The Geneva Shore Report

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