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Did anybody win?
The election is over, or at least it will be by the time you read this, or there will be a contested election, or a recount going on.  Both of those latter options seem unlikely with the highly polarized political situation we all find ourselves both engrossed in, and repelled by.  Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, Progressive and Neocon, are expressions that seemed to have disappeared this year.  Now, the elections are about distrust of whatever, and disgust for both candidates.  Hillary has been painted to be dishonest, in spite of a very long political career, and well examined behavior that might have been found to be exemplary in other election cycles.  Conversely, Donald Trump has shown himself to be so abusing of women that one wonders how any seemingly self-respecting man or woman would vote for him as a candidate.  What has come out of the election we have just experienced are revelations about just how much many people will overlook, or find acceptable, against almost everything people say should not be overlooked, or found unacceptable.  This has been the revelation election.  The inner hearts of so many have been unwittingly revealed, to the shock and outrage of so many others around them.  Like a sports game conclusion, however, as the Cubs and Indians latest World Series tiff proved, an election cycle is not coming up soon, and we should savor this small respite from the political ads and wildly provocative rhetoric.

Who in hell wants to suck their stuff up, anyway?
Not the City of Lake Geneva. At least not along South Shore Road. Drive by and take a look at all the piles of leaves left along both sides of the road. Why has the city not gotten out there lickety-split? Well, the street department doesn’t want to. They know full well that all those highly paid landscaping firms who do the work for the wealthy along the road and lake pay to have their leaves taken away. So the landscape companies charge the people, but then take advantage of what they know about the leaf sucking ordinance active in Lake Geneva. Instead of hauling the leaves to the dump or compost sites, they are dumping the leaves next to the road for the city to pick up. For once maybe it is good idea that the street department just can’t seem to get around to driving along South Shore Drive.

Leaf Pickup Lake Geneva

The City of Lake Geneva is supposed to come by and suck up leaves but this pile looks a bit different than leaves. Does the city pick up or suck up any old garden debris people leave on the curb? If they do, then why?



Uber Alles; the stories of the Geneva Shore Report Uber driver.
I got the call that afternoon, to pick up this guy coming in on American Airlines Flight 1224, set to arrive at 8:35 p.m. on Saturday night. Okay, the guy was coming to Wisconsin and I’d be there. So I waited until about seven and then took off. At 8:30 the guy called to say he’d touched down. I waited in the cell lot. At 8:55 he called and said he had his luggage and would wait outside of American luggage. I drove over there. No joy. No guy. I called him back. We talked. He could not orient himself at all. He swore he was standing right there. I told him to look at the big white bus with the number one in giant letters on its side. He said there was no bus at all. I thought for a second, and then asked: “What airport are you at?”

He said O’Hare. It turns out there’s a flight 1234 that lands at O’Hare at 8:35 p.m. on Saturday nights. Flight 1224 lands at Mitchell. And so I drove like mad. It took just short of fifty minutes to get there. The guy was there, just like he’d said. We talked and laughed all the way back to where Highway 50 crosses 94. I took the exit and promptly got a flat tire. My spare would not fit the wheel for some reason. A wrecker was called. I had a friend come from Lake Geneva to get the ride. He got in at 1:30 a.m. The fare was $140.00 and the guy who’d hired the ride paid $200 (tip) the next day. Obviously, the guy he’d had picked up stayed mum, so did I. Beware of flights landing at the same time. I’m still not sure who was right and who was wrong.   Somehow we made it all work. The fare and the tip covered my new tire down to the dollar, like F&F Automotive in Delavan somehow knew the whole story.

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