Open Letter to Lake Geneva Mayor Charlene Klein.

  Please stop using time and resources on throwing parties on behalf of the City of Lake Geneva. Using your official title as Mayor, and your city email address, you requested and received, a $68,000 grant from the City of Lake Geneva Tourism Commission. Incidentally, those fund requests did not require city council approval.

You listed 3 events for which the funds would be used – Riviera Events office, $15,000 – Wall of History, $15,000 – Big Band Event, $35,000. According to city accounting, a transfer from your fundraising account will be made to your newly created LG First Responders fund in the amount of $73,030.37. So, based on your example of a $4,500 out-of-pocket expense to become an EMT – Congratulations.

To date, you have net enough profit to send half an LG Firefighter to EMT training. Fundraising numbers aside, I am asking that you not put any more resources towards hosting City parties. Rather, please place your time and attention on the BUDGET season, not party season. We need more police officers, help at the street department, alleys and sidewalks fixed, continued oversight of our current growth expansion, etc, etc, etc.

Sarah Hill, Lake Geneva Resident and former city alderperson

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