Northsiders Sells.
The turnkey bar and restaurant known currently as Northsiders has sold.
The property, located at 642 West Main Street has been up for sale for some time, and the owner has finally made a deal in the amount of 1.3 million dollars. The business is in a high-traffic area and is considered a prime location in downtown Lake Geneva. This commercial building has had its share of limited success in its years of business, and once was known as the very popular Board Room, and then Carveti’s. Both were a big deal and considered the place to be in the nightlife scene in their times.

Northsiders has not shared the same good fortune and has struggled to become the popular spot the previous businesses had become.  It couldn’t seem to make a place for itself, so the time had come, and so did a buyer. Dan Carveti has been the owner for as long as most can remember.  The locals are considerate and are very supportive of his choice to sell and move on to new and exciting things in his life. Dan has done his thing for many years, and that includes giving back to the community with annual community Thanksgiving meals and Christmas parties, including gifts for kids and families in need. Lake Geneva won’t be the same without him. The new owner has not yet announced any identity and the future of the building and business remains unknown.


Police & Fire Commission meeting.
Safety first. There is a desperate need for stop-and-go lights in and around Lake Geneva. Geneva Township is one of the big concerns, but the concerns and responsibilities should also be shared by the city. The speed bumps on Center Street have had the residents of Stoneridge, who are city residents, frustrated and angry about the placement of the bumps and the and damage they have caused to some vehicles.  The speed bumps were supposedly placed to help minimize speed issues.

The issue brought up a couple of other concerns; one being the traffic light that was planned during the initial development of Stoneridge at Center Street and Williams Street. The developer’s agreement in 2003 included an additional access road to be developed and come out by Geneva Square, and the traffic analysis warranted the stop and go lights be added at the center Street entrance. The developer was supposed to share the cost with the city.

Why was none of this ever done?

The stop and go light at Edwards and Boulevard, which is a dangerous intersection traveled by many young new drivers, was suggested, and requested quite some time ago and finally, after a few years the project has been approved and work is now in progress. With a recent fatality at Edwards and Townline, it’s time to get something done at this intersection also. The new developments in the area have increased traffic tremendously and existing roadways need to accommodate this. Alderperson Fesenmaier has brought the issue to the Police and Fire Commission and would like support from the commissioners.



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