Letters to the Editor

Letters regarding the coming presidential election:

I was asked today how I could ever support Trump after the comments he made over 11 years ago about women and if I would still support him if he made those comments to my daughter? My response was this….If he had put our nation’s security at risk, I would not vote for him. If his organization received large donations from countries that killed women and gays, I would not vote for him. If he boasted 30 Years of government experience, but still could not discern if an email was classified or not, without someone letting him know if it was or not, I would not vote for him. If he boasted about how he has defended children his entire life, but is for abortion, (even late term, when the child can feel pain) I would not vote for him. If he wanted my 3-year-old Granddaughter to go to restrooms with men dressed as women, I would not vote for him. I have taught my daughter and will teach my granddaughter to disregard sexist remarks and move on, especially when they were made so many years ago and, also to forgive those who say they are sorry. If he caused lives to be destroyed in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the parents as they stood at their child’s casket, I would not vote for him. If people who came against him mysteriously turned up dead, I would not vote for him. If he suddenly developed a southern accent when he was in the South, campaigning, I would not vote for him. If he continually broke the law and that was ignored, I would not vote for him, but right now, the only person who does all these things is Hillary. Right now, the fact that Donald made these remarks over 12 years ago, does not move me. I’m bigger than those remarks and we all have said stupid things throughout our lives. To me, the fact that Hillary lies continuously, is a much bigger problem. We can see the effects of her lies by the state of our poor country right now… Rant over… Still voting for Trump. Joseph Falcone Fontana resident


I have always respected America. They were always up front, and there for the world when in trouble …but this, the most important thing of all, voting for a person who will lead and run the government and the country. Think about it. Is this the way you want your elections to be? It all does not make sense anymore. Who can you believe? Where are the people who think about how this country should be run? Enough blaming all ready, and get on with the important part of what they are going to do for the betterment of the people and the country? Come on! America! Karen Fuchs, citizen of Canada
I drove 300 miles through the middle of Wisconsin last weekend and my wife and I counted 14 Trump signs and 3 Hillary for prison signs…. true story! Dave Marsh local resident


Love the display!! How about reporting the display with Hillary like it is? HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016. Says nothing about her winning! There ‘ya go. Telling bull…. Great display! TRUMPTRAIN! I actually see mostly Trump supporters in this town… You showed your true colors today. Jan Marovich Pell Lake resident


Janice is accurate in her last sentence, in commenting about the GSR video of a Trump supporting set of signs. The Geneva Shore Report will not and cannot ever support a man for candidacy for any office in America who endorses, condones and admits to abusing women. The Geneva Shore Report does not care one way or the other about whether Hillary Clinton is elected president.

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