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Commentary by Terry O’Neill, former Lake Geneva alderperson:

Laws should not restrict or punish good people, but sometimes they do. Laws should not enable and benefit those who are wrong, but sometimes they do. A law that is written to protect the innocent, is most often used to protect the guilty. The difference between slander and truth is often proof, although proof has nothing to do with either. Facts which are true can be used to slander or to deceive. Facts which are false can be presented as truth and used to deceive.

Why is there both good and evil? The answer is simple. We have a choice, and to have a choice we must have the options to be honest or to deceive, and in this world there are rewards and punishments for both. Thieves can get away and innocent people can get hurt. We have the freedom to choose, and that choice is the reason that there is both good and evil around us, for without both from which to choose there is no freedom, and without freedom one cannot do good nor be evil. The price we pay for that freedom is that people may make bad choices and choose to deceive rather than tell the truth, and although there is only one truth, there are a billion lies which can be used to try and conceal it.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign.
The Geneva Shore Report does not endorse candidates for any political office. The Geneva Shore Report is not endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. However, and in this election of all elections, there is a caveat. Some of the Geneva Shore Report readers have commented on the fact that the GSR seems to lean to the left a bit in expressing political views, and there is a good bit of truth to that. No media outlet of any kind can remain completely free of bias or opinion. There are media outlets which claim or write that they do. The Geneva Shore Report staff, by and large, and with much argument and discussion, leans left, or progressive, on more subjects and in belief than it does to the right.

However, the Geneva Shore Report, regardless of that, leans entirely away from one specific behavior that Donald Trump seems to favor. The Geneva Shore Report, without a single exception in staff opinion, does not believe that women should be violated physically against their will either by force of personality, employment or in any other way. That Donald Trump was recorded on video and audio tape indicating he opposes such a blanket refusal to violate women puts the Geneva Shore Report into complete opposition with what he gives every evidence of believing in, and therefore the GSR opposes him, as a presidential candidate, businessman and actually, as any kind of acceptable man at all. Readers who feel that the GSR should not be picked up or read because of that agreed upon policy should, indeed, find substitute media to wallpaper its washroom with.

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