“Boy this junk is so unimportant, instead of just causing trouble why don’t you guys do something important, like a few churches need help, seniors need help, Children need help, do something good for town instead of just trying to cause trouble and make one group against the other. Enjoy what we have and if you want to run town then run for office. I was not born here but lived in town since 1957 and loved it with out looking at your junk. If things are so bad go live some other place. All of you should go to church and learn what the 10 commandents say and love people not hate them. I am not perfect but at least try to do my best. Thanks.” Howard Woods, Lake Geneva Resident
Okay, I’m hooked on the Geneva Shore Report. Good gossip, informative articles, plus some crazy stuff! Thank you – keep it going! Here’s my one-year renewal. Bien amicalement.” Carol Carney Ph.D., Lake Geneva

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