Letter To The Editor

I’ve lived in Linn Township for about 25 years now about a mile and a quarter away from the shooting area at the Pillman residence.  I don’t call it a range since it really isn’t up to that formal standard of professional shooting ranges. That is if firing things like artillery cannons, machine guns of all kinds, mortar shells with commercial fireworks and more is any indication.  Over the past five or six years, this shooting has become much worse as many of us are well aware. Last Labor Day weekend there was continuous shooting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for about 6 hours every day. That is firing in the tens of thousands of rounds from high powered weapons, including fully automatic machine guns and rapid fire semi-automatics with three or four shooters at the same time.

This is at the level where I will need to disclose this as something materially affecting the value of my property for any sale.  You can imagine the reaction of a buyer hearing this on any given Sunday, which Pillman openly declares belongs to him to shoot from 9 or 10 am until dusk.  This has to stop.  I find the township code with 5 acres entitling anyone to shoot like this at the level of commercial ranges absolutely ridiculous, not to mention hazardous, and more.

John Gury, Town of Linn, long suffering resident 

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