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What about the birds?
Last summer a lot of people noticed that there were fewer flying insects, and this year, and since the end of July, there seems to have been a big drop in the number of wild birds in the area, especially the smaller ones like Sparrows, Finches, and Wrens. This has been observed by several people who have noticed a decrease in the number of birds at their bird feeders. If there is a decrease in the number of smaller birds in the area since the end of July, it could be due to the increase of firework displays from around the lake and at the Grand Geneva. This year there have been more and bigger firework displays than in previous years, and being bigger, their explosive sound travels miles further and can be heard (and sometimes even felt) within one’s house miles away. Every weekend, since the weekend before the 4th of July, there have been fireworks displays in the area, with several fireworks displays during the week for other events. This has created a new expressive phrase; “The 9:00 o’clock weekend bombardment has begun”. There been a decrease in the number of small birds in the area, but is the increase in fireworks and the size of the fireworks-related to that? It’s hard to tell, but since fireworks are used for scaring birds away on farm fields, and have been found to be very effective at keeping areas free of birds, or to drive them away, there is a good chance the two events are closely related. Things do not happen in isolation and everything affects everything else, especially in such a small area.



Fontana Frog: After a long wait the Fontana Frog’s name has finally been revealed, and the revelation could not have been more-small town simple.
The owners of Nick’s Upholstery in Fontana, on Paradise Valley Road, acquired the frog when they purchased the property. They quickly set up shop, did a lot of remodeling, and opened the beautiful store that houses many unique high quality pieces of furniture. They are wonderful upholsters and can also refurbish cherished vintage items. The frog is no different. They quickly realized how beloved the frog is to locals and visitors so the refurbishing and repairing it began. The frog has been a landmark for over fifty years, and has had several different uses, but has always been a favorite photo opportunity. The idea to give the frog a name was handled very well and included Fontana Library and the community by encouraging the sharing of pictures and memories that will be turned into a book. It was decided that the only appropriate way to handle the naming was with the public’s help, so a contest was held and entries from all over poured in. The winner was selected and the Fontana Frog is now known, without any humorous commentary about a total lack of originality, as; “Fontana C. Frog”.

Finally Named!

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