Addressed to Jim Weiss
Town of Linn

“Mr. Weiss: Sometime this week there will be an announcement that our Care4LakeGeneva Lawsuit against the City has been settled. I opposed the settlement for reasons explained below. We will now have only 120 days to examine the documents being released, and be able to issue a new lawsuit on only 2 of our claims if we find additional proof of contract zoning. The documents being released will contain blatant violations of open meetings laws as well as proper notice abuses, but we have agreed to not pursue those issues in court. At the end of the 120 days the Hummel property will have the Comprehensive Plan and Map change it received in exchange for Hummel dropping his lawsuit. This gives Hummel virtual free reign to do whatever he wants with his 710 acres because there’s no way for the City to stop him without incurring another lawsuit. Care4LG has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get to this point, trying to prevent the Comprehensive plan change, but in the end Hummel and his Development will probably win despite the fact that it endangers our whole community and represents the definition of urban sprawl into our town.

Hopefully, you can see that this is the same scenario being presented by the Geneva Inn and their request to change the Linn Comprehensive Plan. Probably many of the same shysters are involved, and now one of them runs the Conservancy and is telling you to rezone all the lakefront you want. Add all this to the City’s plan to reroute South Lake Shore Drive and hopefully you see the vision of the Grandiose Plan coming to monopolize our Town of Linn. Only we the people and our enlightened elected leaders can prevent this tragedy from happening.”

Dick Malmin, Town of Linn resident and Lake Geneva Activist.

To the editor of Geneva Shore Report



“I’ve always noticed that Lake Geneva is always in the top 10 of scenic and romantic getaway places in the whole country I hope people realize that by keeping the current law against over commercialization of the lake shore is the reason for this. Lake Geneva is still one of the few remaining places in the country that isn’t an eyesore of motels and waterparks and I pray it remains so. I’ve lived here for almost 6 years and I love this beautiful place.”

Daniel Sutfin, Lake Geneva resident

Addressed to Editor Geneva Shore Report

“Why would your paper start out describing the officer as being lousy? And you are speculating that he worked at 3 other police departments? Maybe you should get your facts right before you print something.” Sue Fields, Lake Geneva resident


Response from the editor:

Response from the editor: “The officer in question was indicated to be “lousy” because that is the personal experience that members of the GSR staff and friends have had with this officer! Those experiences were omitted from the article because they were considered to be anecdotal although they did allow for the forming and expression of an opinion. Incidentally, that officer filed charges against his Chief and those charges were found to be wanting. That officer needs to move on into a career not so taxing of a humanitarian judgment system it seems very obvious that this officer is lacking!” Geneva Shore Report

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