Here’s an update on B & J Tree Service Conditional Use Permit Request:

Despite objections from residents, on Sept. 14th B & J Tree Service Inc. received the first step towards their Conditional Use Permit when the Town of Geneva gave their approval to B & J’s request. However, on Sept. 17th the Walworth County Zoning Agency tabled the B & J’s request because of an “incomplete site plan”. The preliminary staff planning report listed many items that were incomplete.

It is also interesting to note that the statement contained the following: “The owner has been conducting snow plowing from the site, and is requesting approval for this additional activity.” This again verifies that B & J’s is conducting unsanctioned, unapproved snow plowing activities, but the report did not include the number of years B & J has been running its snow plowing and salting operationoutside of its approved conditional use permit.

The best guess is at least 5 years, based on a Carstensen police investigation report that revealed that a 2009 Walworth County invoiced No. 311149026 for a load of salt was listed on a spreadsheet that Dan Winkler and staff had compiled. The invoice showed this amount as being paid by B & J landscape. A manager at Walworth County Public works showed that the city paid this invoice with check 47888, and the spreadsheet was then updated to reflect this. Of course the city would have paid the invoice.

There are laws prohibiting the county and city from selling tax exempt salt for private use, and city officials are not so stupid that they would have B & J send a check to the county to pay for the salt. So, the real question is; did B & J pay the city, or pay the Public Works Department, or write B & J on the salt spread sheet accidentally, and if so why did it occur?

These are the question that will not be asked or answered in court by Jordan, Winkler or B & J, because the case has settled with a plea bargain, which is no bargain for the citizens, or for learning the real truth behind the salt scandal, and the degree to which others were involved.


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