(open letter sent to the GSR from former city council person Sara Hill) 

Hi Lana, Would you kindly forward this correspondence to the Mayor, and copy City Council, Administrator, City Attorney, and Chief’s Peters and Rasmussen. Many thanks, have a great week!

Mayor Klein, I hope this note finds you doing well. I am writing to you because I am most curious about your String of Pearls Gala held at the Riviera on Saturday, August 28th. While I most sincerely appreciate the supposed intention of raising funds for Lake Geneva’s first responders, I have many questions. My main question/request is – what’s your suggestion on how to best gather all of the numbers and information related to the public event you chose to host and organize that evening at the Riviera?

I understand you personally (as a private citizen or Mayor??) took out a grant from the City of Lake Geneva Tourism Commission to the tune of $10,000 to, I presume, pay for event expenses. I would like to see all expenses and generated revenue. Did you pay Riviera rental rates? How much did you spend on the band? How about all of the print materials you had made? Did you use City vendors and services? You had City Parking Enforcement personnel working the VIP parking lot for the event by the lagoon. Were they on City payroll at the time, did the city have Parking Enforcement that busy Saturday from 4-p.m.?

All of that aside, I am most interested in the “First Responders Fund” you apparently created. Last year I attempted to do a fundraiser for LG’s First Responders and no such fund existed. How was it created? PFC/Council approved? Where do the funds sit? In all materials relevant to your Gala, I have only seen the single example of Firemen expenses to become an EMT – how else does this new fund benefit our crews?

Again, I am looking for a FULL accounting of your city party on 8/28/21. FOIA, City Clerk, Comptroller……. Please let me know how to achieve said request.

Many thanks, Sarah Hill

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