Oh, the news business is screwed up all across America, and that statement cannot really be argued against with any evidence at all.  But what’s going on that helps nothing at all is the exotic nature of the lying that has become, somehow, embedded into the presentations of our leaders.  Somewhere back in time, maybe ten to fifteen years back there, it started to become okay for leaders to not be accurate in their statements.  That mild bit of prevarication then cascaded through the years to take the nation to a place where reality stands starkly, and many times obviously, aside from what is being presented as reality.  That old expression “do not believe your lying eyes,” was a bit of script that was written in humor but is now taken to be part of the American method of communication.

The immigration mess, the one about the Haitians being shipped back to Haiti, is like that.  This new president is against inhumane behavior being applied to impoverished people trying to cross U.S. borders.  But, on his watch, his horseback-ridden calvary officers have routinely whipped immigrants, and even gotten away with claiming that the whips are merely very long reigns.  On his watch the Haitians, one and all, not just those who came across in the dramatic Del Rio videos, but all Haitians who’ve been here waiting for resolution on asylum cases, are being flown back to a Haitian death sentence, for so many.  They have nothing there.  The average pay for someone working in Haiti is two dollars a day.  That’s sixty dollars a month if all days are worked.  And that’s those who have jobs.  Death is not coming quickly to those people being flown into a small island nation that has eleven million people without food, most shelter, any medical or dental care, and more.  Donald Trump did those kinds of things, and it was obvious in his presentations that he didn’t care.

Now, things are different.  Biden is doing those things, but it is obvious that he cares.  Trump was the firing squad for those kinds of people in real trouble.  Biden is not commanding the firing squads. That’s somebody else.  Biden’s the guy handing out final cigarettes.  But let’s talk about the news.  The national news chains are those businesses that have come to rely heavily on millions of watchers.  All the time.  The news organizations grew hugely during the Trump era, to become dependent upon billions of dollars of new advertising revenue from all the people who tuned in all the time to view the traveling Trump Salvation Army Show.  Now, they can’t adjust. They won’t adjust.  And so, we have a return to Trump, whenever they can make that happen.  We have ridiculous and expensive audits of elections long done and conformed, then reconfirmed.  These are covered like there is some sort of weird credibility to declaring the entire election process in the U.S. corrupt, if not downright illegal.   Ever more harsh voting procedures are enacted, with the media reporting nothing of the outrage of these kinds of new rules.  Women’s rights are crushed, but this Supreme Court just motors on, making decisions that border on almost any definition of mentally ill.  It’s not the media.  The media does not care.  That single obvious fact is possibly the only damning indictment that may be accurately applied to it.

Our leaders don’t care even more.  What happened down at the border the other day is very revealing.  That old-time make-believe cowboys on horseback would not only ride to beat and whip pennilessly downtrodden (and black!) immigrants is terrible.  That they would be allowed to ever be in such positions to abuse and torture these helpless people is worse.  Finally, that they are not immediately fired, their horses (one and all) turned out to pasture, and standards of selections raised to no longer permit sadistic men to be employed by U.S. the Border Patrol is the biggest revelation about how it’s not really the media.  It’s the leadership.

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