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A recent letter to the editor of the Lake Geneva Regional Newsletter, written by possibly the worst city manager Lake Geneva ever had, mentioned several times, in the body of the letter, that the Geneva Shore Report has a “slate of candidates” running for office in this next local election.
The Geneva Shore Report certainly does not.  For six years that GSR has not endorsed any politician for any office and that policy will continue.  The video programing that has been done over the past few months, to give attention to some of these hopeful new faces running for office, has been at the request and secured approval of those candidates.  Tom Hartz has been interviewed, as well as Charlene Klein, the person running against him for mayor.  Ann Esarco was interviewed, as was Mary Jo Fesenmeier (who has had several videos made, simply because she asked the GSR to make them).  We do note, in the placement of campaign signs, that wherever Tom Hartz has a sign up Ann Esarco seems to have one right nearby, as well.

And, so is the case for Charlene Klein.  Mary Jo’s signs appear close wherever Charlene’s signs are located.  But that’s politics and fair play, especially in this difficult period Lake Geneva and the country, if not the whole world, is going through right this minute.  It is hard to get any name recognition or identity established for new people.  The GSR will make videos for any of the candidates who ask.  Any.  It is interesting to note that the Lake Geneva Regional Newsletter is endorsing candidates, and attacking the opponents of those candidates, while the GSR stands accused of doing the same.  The GSR has not attacked any of the candidates and will not until this coming election if it is to be held, is over.

Person of the Week

Bobby's Place Lake Geneva

Bobby and his Dad Wally at Bobby’s Place on SouthLake Shore Drive opened their family business just before the pandemic. Great family and great food. They have carry out orders available.

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