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The Lake Geneva Tree Board recently took a big hit with its budget being cut in half.
Lake Geneva is Tree City USA and the tree board members would like to live up to the title. Simple Bakery on Broad Street decided to help in a fun delicious way. Tree cookies will be baked starting April 1st, and continue through the month. Proceeds earned will be given to the tree board’s budget. Any support from the community is very much appreciated, so if you are strolling through Lake Geneva and are in the mood for a snack while enjoying the beauty and nature Lake Geneva offers, stop in and grab a cookie. The tree board would also like to remind everyone that Arbor Day is coming up on Friday, April 24th (which falls the day the “stay at home” order is due to lift) and the Arbor Day Festivities are scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 25th (unless an extension of the “stay home order” is given). The Arbor Day fun will take place at 9 a.m. in Donian Park.


Popeye’s Restaurant on Wrigley Drive has taken this downtime to get some work done.
The plan was made a while back to downsize a bit, rebuild, and move the iconic rotisserie shack, and list a portion of the parking lot for sale.  The work has begun and the old shack is down. The rebuilding will start soon and is expected to be up and ready to go when the state-wide restrictions are lifted.

Popeye’s Progress

Free Student Meals.
Many local communities are coming together to meet the needs of the students and residents to make sure no one is left hungry during this strenuous time. The Lake Geneva School District is offering free “grab and go” meals to the students. They will be able to pick up a bagged breakfast and lunch from Badger High School, Central-Denison Elementary or Star Center Elementary. Pick up times are 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Elkhorn Area School District is offering a similar program for its community. The school district is offering a free meal program that is open to anyone (student or adult) from any community. They will also provide breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday.  Meals can be picked up at Jackson, Tibbets, West Side, Middle School or High School. The schools are utilizing the school bus service to deliver the meals to the community. The buses will make stops all throughout Elkhorn and will have a table set up and a procedure in place for families to pick up food. If residents are unable to make it to a bus stop or school there are volunteers waiting to deliver the food. It’s wonderful to see communities coming together and supporting one another.

Place of the Week

Bangles and Bags Lake Geneva

Bangles & Bags on Main Street shares some positivity and inspires those passing by to keep calm with the closed for now sign.

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