Little Gems

One might say, the Queen Bee has left the hive and is taking her name with her.
The former location for Queen Bee Artisan Market was 755 Main Street. It has since relocated with all but five of its artists who will remain at their current location changing the name of its “Etsy” inspired store, the Hive. Doing their “waggle dance” (which is a real thing bees do to direct other worker bees to the location of a new food source), a half block away the Queen Bee indoor Artisan market is now located in the Fancy Fair Mall, 830 Main Street, Lake Geneva.  The Queen Bee opened their doors a week ago this past Monday, carefully selecting fifty plus artists and their wonderfully hand-crafted items. If you are looking for that special gift or accessory, be sure to check out both the Hive, and Queen Bee, and their endless selections of creative, beautiful, and unique inventory.

Queen Bee at the New Hive


Another dead body. On April 4th, 2018 the details regarding the body found near the old Hemingway’s was released. The identity of the body is James L. Demeuse, a 70-year-old adult male. Demeuse was reported missing on October 20, 2017. The decomposing body was discovered by two teenagers who were hiking in the area. The Town of Geneva was assisted by Walworth County Medical Examiner’s Office, Walworth County Sheriff’s Office, and the City of Lake Geneva Police and Fire Departments. A Full investigation has been completed, the incident is isolated, no foul play is suspected, and there are no public safety concerns. The family has been notified and now has some closure to this sad situation.

The Bloomfield bomber. The man who created the bomb scare last November, just south of Lake Geneva in Bloomfield, was sentenced on April 4, 2018, to be committed for fifty years to the Mendota Mental Health Institution. Last November, Robert Leathers a 46-year-old man was arrested for throwing explosives from his truck onto the property of a landscaping business. No one was hurt, but many were scared as the area was taped off for hours while several different departments worked to secure the scene to ensure everyone’s safety. After the sentence was read, Judge Dretwan must have felt some sympathy for this man as she stated, “Maybe you can get out early.” What judge says that? Did the coming of spring warm this cold as the driven snow judge’s heart?

The previous Lake Geneva dead body. Speculation and questions have finally been answered regarding the death of a 37-year-old Illinois man found deceased in the back seat of his Range Rover in the 800 block of Wisconsin Street in Lake Geneva. His name is Scott O’Neill, and his death has been ruled a suicide. O’Neill is reported to have last been seen leaving his home Monday, January 29, 2018. He was located almost a week later on the morning of Friday, February 2. He was found in the back seat of his vehicle and is believed to have been there for three days. The Lake Geneva Police Department conducted a full investigation. No foul play was suspected but the cause of death was undetermined at that time. This past week the Medical Examiner’s Office ruled O’Neill’s death a suicide.

Springtime in Lake Geneva

Snow April Lake Geneva

Still snowing! Where’s spring? This has been the coldest April since 1871. What does this make you think our summer will be like?


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