The Bright Side

The Lake Geneva Police Department.
The recent spate of dead bodies that have shown up in and around Lake Geneva brings to mind and the forefront of consideration, the law enforcement force that keeps and protects the City of Lake Geneva. That force is almost unheralded in the quiet way it goes about doing its pretty terrific job. Not only does it fight crime and serve the public trust, as so many other police departments do across this land, but it does so with a presence and openness that is uncommon. Under the guidance of former Marine, Mike Rasmussen, and a bevy of effective and well-spoken lieutenants, the department is one of the easiest to talk to anywhere. They have a window open to the public at the municipal building and they take all calls on the telephone. They answer all emails sent to them.

One might think that such behavior is only to be expected by a good police department working on behalf of its citizenry, but today’s nationwide political and security climate hasn’t allowed for such conduct to be universal. The recent investigations into the dead bodies, have been extremely rapid, transparent, and discussed not only in conclusion but all along the way. How many times has the American public had to hear that something was ‘under investigation’ so nothing could be discussed. Well, although that can happen in Lake Geneva, because of this police department’s approach to how it goes about doing its job, that’s an uncommon phrase.

An old policing phrase that is also not seen or heard much anymore is the phrase that comes to mind when the Lake Geneva Police Department, and all of its members, comes to mind: “To Serve and Protect.” Quietly, unobtrusively and many times while the citizenry sleeps, the Lake Geneva Police Department is right here among the public, doing its job in such a way that doing its job isn’t even noticed. What a pleasure to be able to report on such a great expression of force that runs counter to many people’s feelings about the expression of force in our society today.

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Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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