Little Gems

Easter Sunday at the resorts around the lake.
The Jaycees are sponsoring the really big Easter egg hunt taking place at Seminary Park on Saturday at ten-thirty sharp (like 10:30, we mean really!). There will be five thousand eggs!!! These are the plastic eggs filled with treats, so any eggs not found won’t hatch and create driving problems around the park. John Tyler of the Lake Geneva Police Department is going to be the secret guy inside the rabbit costume for the big event. Shhh…don’t tell. Since the current president’s media representative (Spicer) was the secret guy in the George Bush Jr. Easter celebrations, it might follow that John is going to get promoted one day soon.

2017 Lake Geneva Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt


Rumor control:
Krispy Kreme, the company, reportedly bought Panera Bread for seven and a half billion dollars.
Panera was rumored to have been purchased by Peet’s, and then to be returning to the location where Peet’s, and then Caribou Coffee, had been located. But no, it’s Krispy Kreme so nobody knows anything. Confused yet? How about Melges coming into town from his terrific car wash over on Highway 120? Melges wanted to redo the old ‘Sign of the Unicorn’ building on Center Street and dutifully went to the planning commission to offer a new innovative design. They sent him packing like a northern sympathizer with a carpet bag and round bowler. So what’s Melges to do with his new real estate operation now? He put a plan for the new redevelopment in the window of the place. The redo looks exactly like ‘Sign of the Unicorn’ did before. It’s “Johnny and the rose” all over again. Does the city want some creativity and new ideas, or does it simply want Johnny to keep drawing pictures of roses every time it pines away for original art? Finally, stop to think about the rumored residence of Matthew McConaughey. The place is nearly done on Lake Shore Road, not far north of Stone Manor. Is it really Mathew moving in there, or is it merely another lakeside wealthy and mundane resident?

Proposed Store Front

Proposed Storefront Lake Geneva

Mr. Melges has set a plan for the development of what was once the Unicorn store on Center Street
just up from Starbucks. Melges and the rose..


A new patisserie comes to town.
The Lake Geneva Patisserie is coming to town at 252 Center Street, into the space that Ida’s Salon was located in before her beauty shop went away.  The Lake Geneva Patisserie is going to serve the best desserts; cup cakes, cakes made to order from scratch, cookies and everything else one can imagine.  The shop is right next to the Geneva Java Coffee Shop so some of their stuff hauled into the coffee shop will mix grandly with the coffee, tea, wine and even beer served there.  It opens on May 1st of this year, in order to take full advantage of the coming summer crowds.  With the wonderful food cooked by the Petersen family running the coffee shop the patisserie is going to be an instant hit.


The Coffee College is coming!
That’s right.  With three mainstream coffee shops in Lake Geneva now (Starbuck’s, Geneva Java and the new Avant) it’s about time somebody did something about educating the public about this wonderful substance we all know of as coffee.  Not only that, the college is going to offer more than practical lab training and education.  It’s going to offer the equipment you need to grind and brew the beans for pour overs and French Press coffee.  The coffee shops will continue to offer coffee, with some even have packaged beans but only the college will mainline to direct purveyors and coffee farm owners in the field to bring you coffee beans direct.  This wonderful place, taking over the space vacated by Board and Brush at 252 Broad Street, next to the Geneva Java Coffee Shop is set to open on May 15th.  Don’t miss that opening.  Great things are coming to Lake Geneva and this place is definitely going to be one of them.


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