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The American Legion Canteen.
Ben and Maggie, the wonderful couple who have run the canteen for the American Legion Post 24 are staying for another year. There were moving off to Kansas, but Maggie’s sequin slippers will not be available until well after the tornado season expires there. Lucky Lake Geneva will continue to benefit since that means Ben and Maggie are staying. They expect the open the American Legion canteen (the Hot Dog Stand) at the corner of Library Park on the 15th of April.

Get Your Hot Doggies Here

American Legion Hot Dog Stand Lake Genvea

American Legion Post 24 Hot Dog Stand and Canteen, Lake Geneva


Heroin lays there, just beneath the surface.
At Kwik Trip, at around three or four p.m. last Friday, the call went out to the police and fire department about a possible overdose victim in the parking lot. Two people were in a late model sedan just sitting there, eyes glassy and out of focus. It was a Cheech and Chong moment where the gas tank was never going to finally be filled. The police rolled up, took one look and cleared the area around the vehicle, waiting for the paramedics and their life saving Narcan. The couple were brought back from the edge of the heroin cliff, thanks to the Lake Geneva Police and Fire Department. The life rescuing duo of those fine departments quietly and efficiently saved lives again.


Boatyard Bagel was going to be a private distillery.
The story was all about how the Wisconsin State laws regulating liquor sales do not apply to places that brew their own alcoholic beverages, whether those beverages are beer, wine or the hard stuff. The place is up for rent again. No distillery, not that that is really a bad thing. How much alcohol is good and how much is bad has been at the center of holistic, medical, social and even religious discussions probably going all the way back to when humans were swinging in trees. Yes, alcohol goes back that far, and it’s confirmed by the fact that monkeys on Barrio Colorado Island in Central America  actually pull fruit from the trees, bury it and then dig it back up to party later on, after the fruit has fermented. They eat and then pass out, until waking the next day with terrible hangovers. Then they do it all over again, just like humans.

Monkeys, Booze and Us


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