Little Gems

Long time coming.
Abbey Marina gets a much needed and long overdue makeover.  The Abbey Marina was built in 1965 and is the only protected harbor on Geneva Lake. It has 407 boat slips.  The Abbey Marina Harbor renovation started this past fall, and the marina is scheduled to be open for the 2018 summer season when the winter finally breaks and summer relief sweeps in.  The harbor will have new walkways, landscaping, decking and dock boxes, and all 407 boat slips will be much improved from what they were before.

Something Sweet.
Something Sweet is coming to the east end of Lake Geneva. In the season of Spring new life and growth come to mind, and this is just what this side of town needs. Something Sweet is hoping to be open May 1st and will have an extensive sweet and candy selection, an ice-cream selection bursting with flavor, and a great little gift shop. Something Sweet is close to opening, and the final decorative touches are as delightful as their edible selections. The owners are not newcomers to running a successful business, they have other thriving shops in the area, and Something Sweet should be no different.

Something Sweet

A car, a tree, and a troubled couple all came together on Tuesday night.
On that evening, April 10th, a domestic dispute ended in a car versus tree crash. Several passersby heard exceptionally loud and angry voices and witnessed a female and male arguing in a front yard on Williams Street. The female got in her car and proceeded to drive northbound very fast towards the curve, just before the street turns into Interchange North. Whether it was another car or just adrenaline from the previous argument, the woman lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on into a tree. The car flipped over onto its roof, the driver made it out without apparent injury, although she was quickly seen to and then evacuated via ambulance by the on-the-spot rapidly responding Lake Geneva Fire Department. Witnesses interviewed believed her injuries to be minor. However, the tree and the car did not fare so well, though, as both were totaled.

Gwen finding Comfort

Gwen the GSR cat

Gwen the GSR office cat, makes her own sleeping arrangements. It may not be as roomy as the briefcase she is accustomed to, but she will make do!


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