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What does it mean to be designated: “The Official Newspaper of the City of the Lake Geneva?”
Does that mean that all city postings will appear in that newspaper and that newspaper alone? Or does it mean that such postings will appear in that newspaper because they are paid to be posted there by the city? Does the official designation indicate that the city really has a public voice among media outlets and that is, indeed, the voice of the city through the newspaper as the written mouthpiece? Does the designation speak to the fact that there may be other less favored newspapers on hand that the city wants to denigrate or lessen how much the public pay’s attention to them?

Whatever the real meaning of such a designation is, and the City of Lake Geneva has made its decision about that, it cannot be overlooked that any newspaper worth its salt should reject any such designation. A newspaper must stand alone on its own merits, or it will not stand at all. The constant battle to remain editorially free of encumbrance so that the ‘news’ it reports can enjoy as much objectivity as possible, is never-ending. Newspapers run on finance, just like any other business and therefore they are influenced by the people who pay the money, be that from advertisers, individual contributors, or even a city. The people who pay the money always want a measure of control. How much control is a newspaper willing to give up?

The answer to that question is different for every publication. Accepting tacit ‘ownership’ by becoming the official newspaper of a municipality isn’t something the Geneva Shore Report has to be concerned about, for obvious reasons. There is no curtsy, no genuflection or pandering when it comes to the GSR’s reporting on the antics and actions of the leaders of the City of Lake Geneva, so there will never be a designation about the GSR being owned or controlled by any other organization. If the designation was offered, it would be rejected. The official newspaper of the City of Lake Geneva is the Lake Geneva Regional News, so designated and so accepted by that media entity.


Greatest Showman

Showing of the Greatest Showman thanks to the Solver Screen Movie Club


Silver Screen Movie Club.
This club is sponsored by I-Gotta-Guy, a charitable organization composed of local businesses who pay to be part of the club through donations and contributions. The Geneva Theatre in Lake Geneva is the venue that hosts these complimentary monthly screenings of recently released movies for seniors. Donuts, coffee, and door prizes are also part of the fun on the first Thursday morning of every month for the participating senior citizens.  The business donors and contributors make it possible for several hundred seniors to get out and socialize together and have a lot of fun.  The Greatest Showman is the next scheduled movie that will be playing at the newly remodeled and much improved, Geneva Theatre on May 3rd at 9:30 am.

The only thing seniors have to pay for is parking. For questions and information on how you can be a sponsor call, 262-903-9731.


Person of the Week

Jackie Moon Lake Geneva

Jackie Moon is a self- motivator and has no problem motivating others. She is proud to be a part of the Geneva Lake area and wants to help maintain its beauty. She along with a dozen others met up at the Riviera Saturday morning to do a little Spring Clean Up. Thank you!



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