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Who is Shodeen and what is he doing paying for the Town of Walworth Comprehensive Plan?
Shodeen is the developer Fontana knows as the operation that is putting in its version of row houses atop open lots right downtown in this small town. The density is high. One side of the current spate of homes looks out upon the police and fire department and the other has a view of the library. How strangely quaint. Nearby the city is planning to allow a boat dealership to go in. So why is Shodeen being allowed to pay for the comprehensive plan of a nearby community? Might that funding not create a mindset among members of that community regarding what the final draft of the comprehensive plan might look like? The comprehensive plan of a geographic area is the plan that allows for different kinds of development to be built in different parts of the community. How can a developer be involved in that process at all? Walworth is the town and Shodeen is the game, or at least the player in that game. Pay attention citizens of Walworth or your town is going to begin to resemble what’s going on lately in Fontana.


What about that park-like area located across the road from the Home Depot parking lot and Highway 12? A few years back a man named Ed Yaeger made it his personal mission to halt the development plans put forth for the area which now is occupied by Home Depot. He did not want the backsides of big buildings to face out on Highway 12. He wanted more ambiance to be considered in what the city was going to allow to be built on that land. Ed was said to be part of a group of people that some called ‘contrarians.’ In truth, Ed Yaeger was merely a concerned citizen who spoke up about development with a voice that was heard by others of intellect and taste. The result was the construction of Home Depot with a design that had a parking lot facing east, adjacent to a road, followed by a grassland barrier to the highway. Currently, as reported last week by the Geneva Shore Report, Dennis Jordon and his minions are after changing those ‘contrarian’ created results into, yes you have guessed it, a developed area with business buildings backed up against Highway 12 right of way. Pay attention and don’t let this happen.

Home Depot Parking Lake Geneva

Home Depot Parking lot


Chicago Title policies loom, not for the insurance against potential problems they might face in purchasing property they know little about, but for what among those things this title company does not cover.
Here’s a good one; a quote taken directly from a claim denial by Chicago title and sent to a local citizen left holding a ‘title bag’ in Lake Geneva: “The policy does not insure against loss or damage…which arise by reason of; Liens, hook-up charges or fees, deferred charges, reserve capacity assessments, impact fees, or other charges or fees due and payable on the development of the land, whether assessed or charged before or after the date of the policy.” How would you like to have paid for such an insurance policy, thinking that a title company would find charges unpaid or due before you got the title, and then being handed your financial butt when not only was nothing found at the time of the policy issuance, but then later when something amiss was found (with your name on the deed) you and you alone were considered liable? The coming investigation results will demonstrate why total attention and care must be taken in insuring property with this firm. This is just one sample.

Video from Geneva Inn


Big changes and grand upgrades are happening at the only lake front hotel and restaurant located directly on the shore of Geneva Lake.
The Geneva Inn is in the process of a complete renovation. The project started in January and should be done in time for Memorial Day. The rooms have all been updated and more of the buildings will be renovated in the near future. The front lobby is getting a complete floor to ceiling make over, as well as the Grand View restaurant. The décor and menu will also be completely new, but the actual “grand view” of Geneva Lake will remain. This wonderfully quaint hotel and restaurant center is a treasure and asset to every community around the lake. Memorial Day. Put that on your calendar.

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