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Downtown Lake Geneva Businesses have had a break from petty and confusing city ordinances for the last year or more due to the city not filling the code enforcer position when Debbie Fischer left.
Well their break is over. Debbie Fischer is back and she is taking her position very seriously, and demanding that business owners comply with all codes to the tee. The GSR X-Files investigators have tried to meet her and have stopped at the city building department office a few time, but have never caught her in the office. She is either not in, or too busy going through town with her white gloves on, looking for dirt. The X-files investigators also went out to meet and talk to local businesses, most of which are nervous to discuss run ins with the city about code requirements and application.

Many store owners who have directly dealt with Fischer, in the short time she’s been back, have been disappointed. One store owner has been going back and forth with her and the city about being granted a grandfather clause for approval to continue to display a flag as it has been for the over 25 years the business has been in existence. The city said that no business had been granted a grandfather clause, and if there had been it would be written in with the ordinances, and if any businesses wanted a grandfather exception, they would have to prove it had been granted and met all requirements that went along with it.

That’s exactly what Liz Chappell did! This alderperson actually went out, found the proof, and came through with the written ordinance grandfathering any business that has been here since, or before 1997, to have the right to display any items, or fly any flags that they have had before. Now that this Chappell investigation is out some business owners can enjoy relief, as long as they can somehow prove that they’ve been around since 1997 and have some kind of proof that the items they want out on the street were out there before. Thanks to Alderperson Chappell some owners can relax (with some hoop jumping). Debbie Fischer, an intelligent sensitive woman with plenty of experience should not have needed Chappell’s help, but she, and many of Lake Geneva’s other small businesses, got it anyway.

Live Escape comes to Lake Geneva.
The United States Marine Corps invented a special sociological based game to help train officers at its Basic School in Virginia back in the sixties. That ‘game’ was called the Forced Reaction Course. The object was for a group of ten officers, all of the same rank, running a course and then arriving in an enclosed environment they had to escape from the course was portrayed as being all about applying collected skills to solve problems but the Corps secretly used the game to see whom among the ten officers would assume or take control of the others because in such an environment the actual solutions are not the problem in getting out or successfully solving anything. The game was there to measure supposed leadership potential. Live Escape is this concept and application taken to the public. The Live Escape Game business was approved by the planning commission on Monday night. Go play with your nine friends (if you have nine friends, which might be a major issue in such a small place) but realize how much you will most probably learn about life. Great or even brilliant ideas are a dime a dozen. Only a few of such ideas are ever put into play in life; however AC electricity, as promised by the inventor Nikola Tesla, would be free or there would be no toll roads anywhere. That’s because the human condition has little do with such things when it comes to how things really get done. It’s rather all about who has or takes control and can then make sure whatever solutions are applied to a problem are from them or controlled by them. Go play Live Escape and you may truly want to escape from ‘friends’ you didn’t really know like you thought you did before you paid good money for a “game” to find out.

Walleyes For Tomorrow is a fish conservation program.
On Friday April fifteenth the Walworth County Branch “Walleyes For Tomorrow,” threw nets off the North Shores of Covenant Harbor. The purpose was to build and the population of native walleye supplies in Geneva Lake. Saturday, nets were pulled back to collect male and female walleye to take back to the hatchery where the spawn will be gathered and incubated for approximately sixteen days. After the incubation period the spawn will be released back into the lake along the north shore line between Chapin Road and Cedar Point in Williams Bay. Approximately fourteen million spawn have been released back into the lake since the program started in 2012. This is a wonderful quiet program sponsored by the county and approved by the DNR. Almost all of the work to provide this wonderful service is done by volunteers. Volunteer for next year’s program. The people running this are terrific and you’ll not only be doing something entertaining but meeting and associating with other great volunteers. Contact:

Video Visiting Walleye For Tomorrow


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