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Foxconn continues the con.
When will the members of Wisconsin leadership, republican and democratic alike, get the idea that the state should not get in bed ever again with any outfit that has the word ‘con’ as a part of their descriptive title?  Now, the democrats are up to bat in making a new deal with Foxconn, which they apparently have done.  The details are confidential, of course, because the details will reveal when finally brought out, the low-level rot that this company has brought to the entire spectrum of communities dealing with it.

The thousands of local employees promised by this rotten company have never shown up. “Hundreds’ are employed, most of whom are not from any of the surrounding communities, or even Wisconsin.  The land that these operators bought with Wisconsin funding has lain either dead and fallow or half-built upon.  The roads that were built by the local communities and state to support the rise of the huge manufacturing operations sit there, unused and waiting like they were put in to be a part of some Twilight Zone segment in the old television series.  The amazing part of Foxconn is not the con. They did that one before in Pennsylvania before coming to Wisconsin, after all.

No, the amazing part is how Wisconsin continues to work at being a hayseed backwater for such operations.  Wisconsin’s sand mines, the producers of the finest clean sand in the nation are being raided for peanuts paid to locals and the state.  The animals across Wisconsin’s wilderness areas are being hunted to extinction by out-of-state ‘hunters’ who come in, paying ridiculously low fees to kill the wolves, bears, turkeys, and anything else that cannot escape their high-powered weapons.  When will Wisconsinites wake up and decide that being rural does not have to mean being stupid?


Even with Covid cases down, and vaccinations rolling out, some things are still shut down.
Vets across the nation depend on veteran’s services and are having a hard time getting benefits and services in a timely manner. The main reason for slow service is because of the pandemic and the closing of many different offices like the National Archives Offices, which is a big deal because it’s where most of the records needed to claim benefits and services are located. Death benefits seem to be the biggest issue, with vet families left with the bill and struggling to get payments to funeral homes. Locally, veterans and family members can call (262)-741-4222. This very helpful and understanding local office is run through the county, and has remained open; however, most issues need archived records to get the intended or needed result. Not all claims are going unresolved.  Most VA claims are going through for those already active in the system, or who have military records on hand. Many of the National Archives offices have been shut down since April 2020, and are not fulfilling any requests except those of other federal agencies. Hundreds of veterans, and veteran families in Walworth County, are awaiting military records for one thing or another. Once the offices reopen their stacks of requests will need to be processed, and that will be a daunting task. This is unacceptable, our wonderful veterans deserve better.

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