The  Bright Side

Clean boats are a big deal to the health of Geneva Lake.
The CD3 Boat Cleaning Machine is coming and will be shared around the lake this summer. The hopes and dreams of the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency, Geneva Lake Conservancy, and people living around the lake are to eventually have one or two boat cleaning machines at each boat launch. The CD3 is a dry vacuum system that is used to clean any plants and debris off boats before they enter the lake. The main focus is on preventing the spread of any invasive species from lake to lake, as the Starry Stonewort.

In a perfect world, the machine would be at every launch and used upon entering, and again when leaving the lake. The Geneva Lake CD3 Boat Cleaning Machine Wayside Solar Trailer unit already has funding through the Water Alliance for preserving Geneva Lake, Geneva Lake Association, DNR, Surface Water Grant. The annual maintenance and software costs approximately $1,200 per year and will be covered by the funds raised in excess of the money raised for the purchase of the machine which runs about $40,000 a unit. The Geneva Lake Conservancy will be the owners of this first machine, with hopes that, as each community experiences the benefits and gets a feel for how it is received by the boating community, they will help with fundraising and donated the money needed for the unit.

The trailer for the machine makes it very portable, and with the shared use this summer, each launch area will get a feel for the transport as well. The Town of Linn, Fontana, the Village of Williams Bay, and the City of Lake Geneva will each have the boat cleaning machine alternating in two-week intervals. The idea of the clean boat clean lake plan is already received by the communities fully, but the actual application of what that means and the work to back it is still up for debate. Some are not so sure that the investment will have the results to justify it. It will all depend on the boaters and their motivation and commitment to take the time and use the machine each and every time. Others are confident in the boaters and believe the benefits, even without complete compliance enforcement will have a good outcome as other lake communities have had. The Lake Geneva City Officials seem eager and excited to give it a go and are optimistic. This will be an interesting summer at the lake.

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