Small Gems

The fiercely angry and sad-appearing Dimitri Anagnos.
The man who runs Popeye’s Restaurant, arguably Lake Geneva’s most popular restaurant, although serving now rather mediocre food at top line prices (in the unabashed opinion of GSR staff reporters who all remember what it was like before Dimitri came back out of whatever situation he’d been under to take the place over a couple of years ago), is on a crusade. No, he’s not crusading to do any more physical damage to any of his employees, as the Walworth County Court took a real dim view about his last venture in that direction. No, he’s crusading against one of the recommendations that Roger ‘Rabbit’ Brooks made, when he turned in his report, commissioned by the city, about how to make Lake Geneva better. That recommendation was about turning a short stretch of Wrigley Drive (that passes right in front of Popeye’s) into a walking, strolling and relaxing parkway for humans only. Wrigley drive, for that small stretch, would be dug out and replaced with sidewalks earth and grass. Sadly-fierce Dimitri does not want a parkway. He wants the parking lot to better bring in customers who might more likely park and come into his establishment, rather than stop elsewhere along the way if parking further, and then having to walk. He wrote a very long letter to the Business Improvement District about that. He’s asking to speak before the BID at its next meeting in early May. That ought to be a scene if there ever was one, as Dimitri gives anyone listening to him, the impression that the dinosaurs went extent just a few weeks ago…or maybe there’s still one or two around.


The Baker House sold again…or maybe for the first time.
This sale has been personally confirmed by a man named Andrew Fritz, a man who was formerly labeled the Phantom of the Baker House at one point. He’s not. He’s actually the very effective wonderful guy who happens to sit on the board of the Business Improvement District for Lake Geneva and provides pretty sage advice and counsel. He also owned the Baker House and Maxwell House (which he is going to retain full ownership in). Andrew indicated that the man who currently also owns a Boat Club in Lake Geneva, Roland Wolff, president of Premier Holdings LLC, purchased the place and also intends to reopen the restaurant part of the place in six months. This is welcome news to everyone in the community.


The horse and carriage ride through the historic district to return.
Monday nights City Council Meeting included a license application for The Carriage Company filed by Live Horse Entertainment to operate a horse-drawn carriage in the downtown area of Lake Geneva. This was once a big attraction and scene setter for Lake Geneva. The main issue for them leaving was an increase in parking fees. The horse and carriage rides created a lot of mixed feelings, which currently still seems to be the case. The horse and carriage operation is being allowed to interfere with the entire traffic pattern on Highway 50 during the coming summer months. As with the request by Dunkin’ Donuts to come in and destroy any kind of rational traffic movement on the same highway further east if it gets approval, this unprincipled move by this company is going to cause a lot of pain, as traffic backs up east through the signals at Cook and Broad Streets. There is no regulation forcing the carriage to move quickly, or even at all. There is nothing to stop these people from creating a living traffic hell in Lake Geneva, and this approval by the council was made in an undiscussed consent decree, and agreed upon by other city traffic-related officials, will not go down as a crime, as this plays out this summer. It will go down as willful incompetence, and a sort of celebrated painful event of stupidity.

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