Small Gems

Potholes are being filled in all around Lake Geneva.
Some of the more extreme potholes around town have been filled repeatedly for the last three or more springs, and yet continue to be an ongoing problem. Some of the worst areas need more than just a surface fill. Pleasant Street is one of the more severe areas and was one of the first areas to get attention. Pleasant Street turns into to Conant Street, and starting where Clover crosses over Conant is one of the worst areas. This area is riddled with holes and is going to need a lot more work than patching or filling. Split between the spring and fall of 2018, the Lake Geneva Street Department will be redoing Clover and a good section of Conant. If any other areas need more attention than a quick fill, hopefully, they will earn a place on the schedule, as well.


The Lake Geneva Boat Tours usually run from the middle of April through the end of October.
Of course, it all depends on the weather. Now that spring has finally shown up, the boat tours are scheduled to begin this Saturday, April 28th. The US Mail Boat starts in the middle of June and runs until the middle of September. For over one hundred years mail has been delivered to residents on Geneva Lake by Mail Boat. Tryouts for the exciting job of running, jumping, delivering the mail, and jumping back on the boat before it gets too far away, are held the beginning of June. The Water Safety Patrol is taking applications for lifeguards and swim instructors. If you are interested you can apply online at It’s great to see and feel life at the lake pick up with its summer gusto again.


The drug “take back,” a service provided by the Lake Geneva Police Department. Saturday, April 28, 2018, the City of Lake Geneva will be hosting an anonymous drug take back event in the police department lobby. Items dropped off can be deposited into the drug take back box in the lobby. Help keep prescription drugs out of the wrong hands, and out of our waterways!


Fishing Report. Game fish season in southeast Wisconsin is closed, it’s a great time to target pan-fish on Lake Geneva and lake trout with no algae bloom in the water. Visibility is 20 + feet a good time to get out go for a boat ride. Perch bites have been very slow, but bluegills are starting to be caught in 12 feet of water, and crappie are being caught in 8 to 12 feet of water. The secret to catching lake trout is visibility. If you do not see them around your locator, do not stop your boat.


Do you believe in Psychics?
Well, there is one right here in Lake Geneva. Psychic Readings by Joann…is this a scam or not? GSR X-files reporters have recently done a little digging into this ethereal business, located on Wells Street. A disgruntled ex-customer of Joann’s reached out to the GSR, hoping for some answers and validation. The father of a sixteen-year-old who had recently had a session with Joann was very disturbed to find his daughter (after her reading) extremely upset, and also disturbed by allegedly being asked for money to have more sessions to help clear up the negativity and black cloud that Joann said was hovering over her. The father felt as if Joann had taken advantage of his daughter, who is young and impressionable. After talking with a few others who have had readings and going online to see some of the questionable reviews, GSR X-Files investigators were mixed in their opinion. Many of the reviews were negative, and this father’s concern seems to be felt by some others who have met with Joann. Is Lake Geneva the right community for this type of ethereal business? Should there be guidelines? Who regulates this business? Does it all come down to what you believe in, and what you are willing to spend your money on?

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