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Go to this vital first hearing and make your presence known.Calendar
The City versus White River Holdings (formerly; Joseph Freed and Associates) is moving toward a status report in front of Judge Reddy, and that will be held this Thursday, April 26, at 2:30 p.m., at the Courthouse in Elkhorn (out on Hwy. NN).  Please attend if you can just to show support for the Save Hillmoor operation and organization. Take your bumper stickers or something else pro-Hillmoor to identify yourself, if you believe that Hillmoor should not be developed as a high-density population enclave.


Lake Geneva Mega-dollar lawsuits.
The value of land is based on what individuals, companies, and corporations are willing to pay for it, and that depends on its location, and how it will be or can be used, which depends on zoning. The same land in Lake Geneva, assessed as farmland valued at $4,500 and taxed at $95/year, has recently been valued at $2.7 million and taxed a $54,000/year rate when rezoned as commercial property. It is the ability of the city council (and Plan Commission) to change the value of a person’s land, and the promises and assurances that are given or assumption that is made regarding these changes that create the lawsuits when the city council turns the expected request down. That, in a nutshell, is the cause of the new multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the city.

Those who make the promises (to get the land rezoned) get away by covering their tracks and by blaming others for blocking the change. However, because no value changes hands before the zoning change is made, it is not considered contract zoning because there is no contract, only a promise which is confidentially given and certainly not a contract in writing. If the city council does not approve the change the first time, a lawsuit can be filed. Then in a year or two when the city gets a new city council with a few new city council members, the new city council will likely do its part to live up to the insurance company’s memo of understanding to settle the lawsuit by making the desired zoning change. The problem is that this is, or appears to be, all planned out to happen just this way in advance. Application, rejection, lawsuit, approval and then a settlement that refunds the investment for the land and makes the investor’s land worth up to 100 times the original investment! Only exposure, public awareness, and support will ever enable the city council to put an end to this manipulative profit by zoning practice by large investors and developers. Why is an insurance company insane enough to cover Lake Geneva?



Big Win, indeed!
Speedo’s Harborside Pub & Grill, a fixture in Lake Geneva since 1961, wins the Peoples Choice award for the “2018 Geneva Lakes Burger Throwdown.” The Ridge Hotel hosted the 7th annual burger throw down with sixteen participating area restaurants, and 1300 people in attendance this past Sunday, April 22.  Speedo says he won with more than 50 percent of the people’s vote.  When asked about the recipe he used; “it’s not a secret, nor an old family recipe.”  Of course, he did say what the recipe contained but we are not telling! Speedo credits his chefs, Patricia Condos (his wife), Demetra Condos (his daughter), and Steve Mohr for coming up with the fabulous, winning burger recipe. Speedo will proudly display the people’s choice trophy until someone else wins. Who benefits from this wonderful event? The Badger High School Culinary Arts ProStart program.  Congratulations to Speedo’s Harborside Pub & Grill!

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Dee Procknow

Dee Procknow is a wonderful employee who works at Tre’s Belle Boutique. Dee is filled with personality, very much appreciated by her employer, and customers. Stop in and meet her, you will feel like you’re visiting family because, in a way, you are


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