Little Gems

The little alley that could.
The narrow alley that runs east and west behind Popeye’s, and a good number of other retail establishments on Main Street and Wrigley Drive, reads “Exit Only” at the east end, as the alley connects to Broad Street. What’s the problem with that sign, for both the public and the police, and the court system itself?

The old sign, before the utilities came in and tore the alley up, read “One Way.” Everyone understands that sign, and there is an ordinance to allow the police to cite violators. The court has no difficulty in enforcing that ordinance and punishing offenders. The alley needs a “One Way” sign with an arrow. Most citizens don’t know that vehicles can make a U-Turn across solid double yellow lines, like those on Main and Broad and more. Vehicle U-Turns to get into parking spaces are made all the time on those streets, making citizens who don’t know the law angry. If the city truly does not want U-Turns being made in summer traffic then “No U-Turn” signs must be posted.


The building traffic nightmare at BigFoot Beach.
Saturday night there was a party at the Boathouse. It was quite a raucous heavily attended party. Cars came from all over. They parked everywhere, filling up the parking lot, the open lot next door and then they lined up (parking illegally on both sides of South Lake Shore Drive) below what the GSR calls “Dead Man’s Curve.” This party and the ensuring parking and traffic mess was dangerous. Trouble is coming, as there is approval for the construction of another party edifice, (called a private club) to be built next door to the Boathouse.

What will come next will be more than parking and traffic problems. What’s coming next is pedestrian injuries and deaths. This plan to develop that little area is going to lead to trouble, and that trouble is probably intended to lead to the eventual closing of the scenic drive that goes past BigFoot Beach. Everyone loves that stretch of road. Unfortunately, the developers love it most of all. Christian preachers went out to the Hawaiian Islands hundreds of years ago. Everyone loved the Hawaiian islands. The preachers loved it most of all. They took the islands they loved. Today, their descendants (seven extended families) still own most of the islands. Think about that.

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Geneva Auto Body

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