Little Gems

Now that was a Kwik Trip. A family of five was getting its SUV filled up with gas when the family (two adults and three small children under the age of ten) went into the store part of Kwik Trip to get some junk food and sodas. What happened? Company policy. No shirt no service. What’s the age minimum on that? There is none. The three kids did not have shirts on so they were ejected. The parents complained to no avail. It was not worth their time or effort to go back out to their car and get properly attired. What is right and proper here, in this situation? Is Lake Geneva not something of a beach, lake and play town in the summer? Is not Kwik Trip acting even more Germanic than the area’s origins might call for? You decide. Kwik Trip is sticking to its guns. No kids without shirts.

So you have this warm and cuddly relationship with your little local bank. Go ahead and call your nice little local bank’s eight hundred number. Your bank has eight hundred numbers because it’s not local. There are no local banks left in Lake Geneva. There are only branches of major banks owned and located elsewhere. Go ahead and call the number and listen to the little jargon at the front end of the call when the phone is answered. The person will tell you that the call might be recorded for the purposes of improving service. Garbage. These banks record all calls and (more garbage) because they can use the recording (edited) for whatever purpose they choose.   When that person finishes talking about the recording you state: “that’s okay, I record all my calls too.” You are done.

The bank will no longer talk to you because their policy does not allow employees to talk to people who record them. If you think your local bank branch is warm and cuddly then be aware that it is only the staff of your local bank that is that way. The bank itself is just what you have come to know and expect it to be. Since the Geneva Shore Report does not use expletives in its copy you will have to use your imagination to create your own more appropriate name for your bank, if it follows this unfair and obnoxious policy.

Williams Bay Elementary School. The Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra and a cooking school are going into the building. They haven’t signed yet because Fred Gahl, the new owner, has not signed the deal yet. It seems that the school can’t vacate by the promised first of August so it may be September. Fred, having been “around the Horn” a few times is waiting until he can get possession of the school before he pays for the school. Also, being a ‘Sunday morning Wisconsin yard sale’ sort of guy, means that the orchestra and the cooking school will probably still be there waiting because of the low price Fred is going to charge them on their leases. Cheap would be Fred’s middle name, but Ebenezer Scrooge already had it copyrighted. There’s nothing wrong with being cheap in Southern Wisconsin. Being cheap puts you dead center of average in Walworth County. Can high pockets Fred Gahl make a go of it with this soon to be abandoned school building?   The school district is not making it easy. Although, Fred is good and tight with a buck, politics may not be his best game.

Is Lake Geneva going to turn into one big sink hole and be lost forever? All over the city little sink holes, some bigger and deeper than others, have been reported. The fire department claims they are old clay water pipes dating back from the 1800’s, all starting to cave in. Could it be something more secretive like the offshoot of the old underground Mafia passageways running under the town? Those tunnels are mostly denied, unless you go into the basements of the buildings located on either side of Broad Street. The latest sink hole was found in the parking lot behind the Geneva Java Coffee Shop on 252 Center Street, and it seems to be pretty deep. As of right now the spreading hole is barricaded off and the management of the property is looking into getting it filled in.

Sink Hole Behind Geneva Java

Sink Hole Lake Geneva Geneva Java

What’s down there, under the Geneva Java Coffee Shop parking lot? Since the building where the GJ is now located was once a mortuary, there could be anything, or anyone down there. The building owners is going to have a pipe stuck into the hole and concrete pumped in. A proper more permanent burial for what or whomever.

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